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October Awareness Month End. 
#OurTruth Images summary. 
As we closed the month we shared a collage of the beautiful images and quotes we shared across the month, its wonderful to see them all together. .
October Campaign Page. 
The final Truth. 
We finished this month with Clare Frankland, one of the creators of this year’s campaign, sharing her truth.

'Neive has made me a better person and she has taught me more than anything that I could of learnt from a book. Life isn’t a competition, it isn’t about whose child walked or talked first, it’s not about what reading level they are on or what sports team they got on to. It’s so much more than any of that! Neive has taught her siblings and her peers empathy, inclusion and patience, without them or her even realising it.
Neive taught me to not get hung up on what she isn’t able to do but instead celebrate everything she can do. I’ve had to learn different techniques and new skills to help her learn, but what she doesn’t know is, she’s actually my teacher!! More than anything Neive makes us all uncontrollably laugh, like belly laugh and actual crying laugh everyday, she has a wicked sense of humour and brings us so much joy, she can literally turn your whole day around with just a smile!
Having Neive has opened my eyes to the fact that inclusion still has a long way to go in society, which is why I will always advocate for her and spread positive awareness!
Having a child with Down syndrome isn’t always easy, in fact sometimes it’s bloody difficult, but despite all the hard times, despite everything she’s been through we WOULDN’T CHANGE A THING because she is Neive and we love her just the way she is!!'
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#OurTruth Video's summary.
Here is a summary of our #OurTRuth Videos shared across the month. See full videos below. 
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Going into shop this week are our wcat onesie's, available in child and adult sizes in a variety of colours, perfect for Christmas presents. 
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Christnas Cards available now
Our Christmnas cards designed by children and adults with ds are available, 2 packs to choose from, each is an awareness project of its own, detailing info about the artist on the back. 
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