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Training Centre Awards 2020
A Somewhat Different Awards Ceremony...
On Wednesday 29th July Appris welcomed students, employers and proud families to its 6th annual awards ceremony. This year's awards were somewhat more poignant, as the pandemic struck and working and lifestyle normalities changed considerably. That said, it hasn't stopped any of the students working as hard as ever to achieve in the face of adversity. We're immensely proud of all our students and for the hard work they've put in over the last year.
The way we work, teach and learn has been rapidly adpated, but this hasn't come without side effects that have affected many areas in our industry. Luckily, us British are a resilient bunch and we've dug in to make things happen and keep the flow of new engineers alive and kicking. We have to remain positive and work towards a better future for Yorkshire businesses, the UK ecomony and our global working partner nations.
Recongnition for our apprentices is an ongoing endeavour, but we must recognise those who exemplify excellence and push the boundaries to execeed expectations. With this is mind, we're greatly honoured to present to you this year's Appris Training Centre Award Winners for 2020.
Mechanical Engineering Learner of the Year (joint 1st) -
Nathan Vento
Centa Transmissions
"This person has been a pleasure to teach this year. He is polite, quiet and hardworking. This person always tried their best in all tasks and produced work of an excellent standard. This person is a forward thinking, assisting other students and passing on what he has learnt."
Marc Osborne, Mechanical Tutor
Mechanical Engineering Learner of the Year (joint 1st) -
Eddie Utley
Borg Warner
"I have known this person for a couple of years now. When they started at the training centre, they didn’t find it always easy, as they had been out of education for a while. Despite this, they faced every challenge head-on! On top of these individual challenges, they are always willing to help and support other learners in their class. This person has been an absolute pleasure to have on the course."  Sarah Tilbrook, Mechanical Tutor 
Programme Director, Mark Butcher, opening proceedings
Electrical Engineering Learner of the Year (joint 1st) -
Ethan Fox
Powell Industries
"This young gentleman is a shining light in the classroom. Not shy of promoting himself, he is the go-to member in the peer group. He is determined, supportive to others and passionate about his work. He has also in his own time, set up a quality system that will benefit Apris students and staff for years to come."
Brian Hamilton, Electrical Tutor
Electrical Engineering Learner of the Year (joint 1st) -
Stephanie Thorne
Dechra Pharmacueticals
"It is always a pleasure to teach someone who actually wants to learn and is interested in the subject matter. This award is going to such a student. During the first few months and all through the trying times of lock down they have always given of their best. Assignments always in on time and of an excellent level. If they ever needed to ask questions they were always well thought out and relevant."
Gary Spowage, Electrical Tutor
Level 2 Welding & Fabrication Learner of the Year -
James West
Wrights Recycling

"This learner, since starting with us at Appris, has always gone that extra mile. He’s always made sure to ask questions where there is doubt and even uses his spare time to add to his own knowledge and understanding of Welding. Every week this learner will come and ask me questions outside of the set curriculum and even stop behind to then put these new skills into practise."  
Ben Pearson, Welding & FabricationTutor
Level 3 Welding & Fabrication Learner of the Year -
Jai Twitchett
Leeds Welding Company
"This learner has always gone above and beyond other apprentices. Almost every week he will ask me if he can come in for an hour early to practise certain welding positions and processes. This learner always puts into practise any advice I give him and continues to practise these skills until he gets the results he wants."
 Ben Pearson, Welding & FabricationTutor
Appris' new fabrication & welding training centre tutor, Ben Pearson, praising apprentices
Level 4 HNC Mechanical  Learner of the Year (joint 1st) -
Alice Graham
"This student is one of those few people who have a clear idea of what path they want to pursue in life - and have already started researching it. I have been very impressed by the professional standard set in my assignments and the diligence with which excellent referencing has been used. An essential skill for further study already mastered."
Saudagar Jagdev, Mecanical Tutor
Level 4 HNC Mechanical
earner of the Year -
Daniel Pow
Fives Landis
"I have had the pleasure of teaching this student for the last three years. Their academic background from school has been a significant factor in this student’s approach to the level 3 National Diploma and then the HNC. Initiative and thoroughness has been shown in the research for my assignments, comfortably going up to the standard required in all of the work."
 Saudagar Jagdev, Mecanical Tutor
Level 4 HNC Electrical  Learner of the Year -
Nathan Laughton
"This person has consistently produced assignment work to a high standard of detail and presentation. Throughout the year, he has hit or been ahead of his assignment schedule and it is clear he takes pride in his work. He has been proactive in assisting others and asking for clarification in learning sessions. He is well organised, motivated and has a keen eye for detail which are just some of his qualities which will make him an asset to any employer."
Robert Wegg, Electrical Tutor
HNC Personal Achievment Award -
Daniel Frazer
Centa Transmissions
"From day one in class in September until the end of the year via Teams, this person has been 100% on the ball, focused in class, completing quicker than most, taking a full part in class, including helping his classmates. 
He achieved distinction in my unit, engineering science and maths, very thorough units, through hard work and excellent work, and he finished a month early. "
Bob Buxton, Mechanical Tutor
Appris' one and only "Thinking man's man" - Gary Spowage, Electrical Tutor
Personal Achievement Award -
Ollie Keech
Leonard Cooper
"This learner has always made a great impression on me since starting with us at Appris. I really am impressed that given this learner works in an office environment and isn’t able to put into practise the skills learnt here in the workshop, he still manages to be ahead of other learners and has turned out some fantastic work. He is a hard working learner and always tends to work on his own initiative which is great to see from a level 2 apprentice."
Ben Pearson, Fabrication & Welding Tutor
Personal Achievement Award -
Kathryn Connell
Powell Industries
"This person has worked diligently throughout the year at making timely assignment submissions and aiming for higher grades in many subjects. This person has been a proactive learner taking much time and effort to talk with her tutors to ensure she understands what needs to be done to complete her work to a good standard and the grades she has achieved in each unit are well deserved and earned."
Robert Wegg, Electrical Tutor
Personal Achievement Award -
Reece Wilson
"What can I say about this student, that won’t get me into trouble. Every now and then you get a student who’s desire to do well far, far outweighs there actual ability. They set about each task with such vigour and interest you become totally absorbed in their desire to get the best possible grades and sometimes just sometimes they come up to the standard both they and myself desire, and sometimes they don’t. This student did!"
Gary Spowage, Electrical Tutor
Overall Training Centre Leaner of the Year 2020 
Charlene Lewis
Cummins Turbo Technologies
"This person is the definition of a model student. This person has rewritten the rules on hardworking, commitment, willingness to learn, independence and resilience. Every day we are greeted with a big smile and a joyous heart. This person is a superb human being and a credit to her family and company. We all love you!"
Brian Hamilton, Mechanical Tutor
Many thanks to all involved in making this another fantastic event at Appris!
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