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Week 3 Down Syndrome Awareness Month
The Evans Family.
Here is Dom, Dad to Lucas and sisters Isabella and Indiana telling their truth. 

#OurTruth #DownSyndromeAwarenessMonth #WouldntChangeAThing
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Hamil and Son Kush 
“It’s a true honour to raise children, it’s an even bigger honour to be be raising my hero. Daddy’s got you Kush.'

#OurTruth #DownSyndromeAwarenessMonth#WouldntChangeAThing
I Am Kush- Blog
Q&A with Kyle Reid, Glenvale FC
How did you get involved with WCAT?
I took over at Glenvale FC (2004s) in July 2017. Straight away I decided I wanted to help the boys grow into men and guide them to help others along the way. In early 2018 we decided that we would encourage the boys to go a little further, do a little extra to help others…and after careful consideration, we chose WCAT as our chosen charity to sponsor!
Have your perceptions of Down Syndrome changed since meeting Daniel?
Daniel was the first person I had ever interacted with who had Down Syndrome. I wouldn’t say my perceptions have changed, however the respect and care I have for anyone with Down Syndrome has certainly become more apparent to me.
Click below to read the rest of Kyle's Q&A. 
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‘I wouldn't change a thing about my beautiful and angel daughter pwajinteino because she's God's send to my family.’
Taluta, mum to Jinta
#OurTruth #DownSyndromeAwarenessMonth#WouldntChangeAThing
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Tiktok Facts
Our tiktok daily facts have been really popular this month so far, pop over and check out our fabulous WCAT Family creating joy and changing perceptions on our grid. 
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