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Breakdance: much more than just a sport!
A new press file presenting breakdance and the hip-hop culture is coming up soon. It will be put on line at the beginning of December. Each month, we'll put in the limelight one of our Signed Sports. After Decathlon Dance, we'll make a focus on Korok (field hockey, in Jan, 2021) and then Tarmak (Feb.).
Great material and content !
Video, music and products: a great mix!
One Blue Video
Thank you, François!
Our Teammate François has just retired. He was the Image Leader of Quechua for almost 20 years, organizing photo shoots all over the world, in the most beautiful (and mountainous) spots. Some of the photographs taken by his team have become iconic pictures.
We've put together a homage video for him. A well-deserved Tribute.
Merci, François...
Joins us for our next One Blue Video Conference!
Our One Blue monthly Visio is a great way of sharing your best PR practices. Please note that our next webinar will take place on Tuesday November 3rd, from 9:15am to 10:45am (French time).
We'll be focusing on Latvia, China and many other countries. 
Blue Facts
India Making Its Way Through Testing Times
India has faced one of the most stringent lockdowns and it has made us try, test and discover new touch points of business in the ‘’New Normal’’.
Teammates have come together in solidarity and fighting spirit to overcome these testing times to #save2020.
Discover our actions over the last 5 months across various touch points.
We Care For You, Bangladesh
At Decathlon, we are not a team only because we work together, we are a team because we respect, trust, share and care for each other.
Adnan Rahman Aurnob and his team, from Dhaka.
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United Planet Of Decathlon
Our Planet is a wonderful playground. At Decathlon, we strongly feel it is our duty to protect it. Gustavo, Sport Leader of Decathlon Bussigny (one of the 23 stores in Switzerland), has decided to set up a local project to reduce shop waste. The "second life" corner is a hit: we sell second hand sports products that are safe, secure, cheaper and sustainable.
Well done, Gustavo!
United Ladies Of Decathlon
At Decathlon, teams reflect diversity. It's a way to give everyone a chance.
The place of women is paramount. In Indonesia, these women are vigorous, independent and are the ingredient of our success. It's all about inclusion.
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