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TIME IS RUNNING OUT! Deadline: January 6th 2021
Sample: "My nominee, Jennifer East, is a hardworking woman that goes above and beyond to help others. She works for the nonprofit bUneke and has also quite literally saved a historic home, Green Gables in Melbourne, FL, through her filmmaking, graphic design, and fundraising skills. She currently works to elevate others at bUneke for no money. She really needs funds to update her equipment and continue providing media and videography services to the organizations and people who need a platform to use their voices. Jennifer makes that happen for them and helps them achieve their dreams. Jennifer is a completely worthy individual and shows up every day as a Sub Above. We admire her and she inspires us! She would make your company proud!"
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Looking for something great to read? Issue 18 is amazing! Our favorite isssue yet! Yes, we know we say this about every issue, but they just keep getting better and better, thanks to our amazing writers, artists, and other volunteers from around the world. Speaking of volunteers, be sure to keep reading to see who we selected for January's Volunteer of the Month.
Audio Version of bUneke Magazine!
NOW AVAILABLE! Take bUneke Magazine Issue 18
 with you!
Take stories, steeped in positivity, with you on your daily walks, commutes or when you just want to listen to something inspiring. Our audio host, Franklin, keeps the stories entertaining, as he adds important information about this 501c3 organization. Be sure to check out our digital issue for all the product and book reviews, as well as many other columns and articles, including Arianne Resnick's cooking tips, Veggie Chel's vegan roundup, and regular columns by Dorothy L. Harris, Linda S. Humphrey, and Marcetta Davis-Linton.
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Your bUneke Mask supports our projects and keeps you safe!
A Mask with a Message
We are selling a high-quality, super comfy, adjustable and reusable masks for you and everyone you care about! Only $7.99 or buy 3 and get one FREE! Please, order directly on bUneke.org or contact mary@bUneke.org today with your info and we will get your mask(s) right out to you! Price includes shipping and handling. Thank YOU for ordering masks! Be sure to include your mailing address on the order! We will ship it out as soon as we receive the request! THANK YOU!
Have you Read bUneke's EXTRA! blog?
We're still adding new content every day from around the world and we're working to get all our past articles on the blog for easier reference.

Did you know most of our articles are also on our blog? If you want to read all the articles written by a specific author, just click the link above, then CTRL+F to open the search for the blog. Type in your favorite writer's name and everything posted should come up.

IIf you can't find a writer or author, or if you want us to post YOUR story, just let us know. Email mary@buneke.org.
How do YOU Like our Radio Shows?
bUneke Radio has continued to grow steadily! Are you listening?

bUneke Radio is heard in 60 countries on BlogTalkRadio and we just celebrated our first year anniversary! You can find us on:
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Tune in Tuesday nights for Anna East's Here I Am! show and discover the world within as she shares her Uneke insights with you and her special guests. Sponsored by bUneke.org's Board of Directors.

Thursday nights, Mary Brotherton & Gene Albertson interview some of the world's most insightful and inspiring people on UnScripted. Elisa Kehler sponsors the last Thursday of every month and we never know what will happen or who will "show up" for her episodes.

Every weekday, you can Take a Break with Gene&Mary for 15 to 20 minutes! Thanks to research assistant and show sponsor, Barb Marino, they inject your day with jocularity and increased knowledge, as well as the opportunity to receive gifts! Kathy Price from The Little Green Oasis is also a show sponsor.

Starting January 11, 2021, Manifest Monday returns as a podcast. Thanks to Gillian Harris for sponsoring the second Monday show! Mary brings her manifest lessons to life with other special guests.

Coming SOON! Julia Brodska will sponsor Best Life-ing, so be sure to stay tuned. In fact, if you follow the show, you'll never miss another informative episode!
We Appreciate our Sponsors
Special thanks to Daniel Ciuro, our newest sponsor! Your donations will go a long way toward building this nonprofit.
Please, visit the links for all our sponsors and tell them you appreciate their regular donations, on our affiliates page. Thank you, to everyone who has donated to bUneke, no matter how often or how much. Check our website to be sure we've add YOUR name to our list of donors and sponsors! 
Together, we're buidling something phenomenal.
bUneke is Receiving Grants!
Jennifer and Mary worked together to write two winning grants that will make a huge difference in how we conduct business. Thanks to a grant from Brevard Cares, bUneke now has its own tent and tables for events. We're still working toward compliance for a grant from the Brevard County Tourist Development Office.

Thank you Jeane Cole for volunteering to take over the grant writing process! We know you will help us become even more amazing.

We've been recognized by Google as a nonprofit and so qualify for ad grants.Do you know anyone who can help us navigate the process?
Check out their AWESOME Masks!
bUneke Productions
Our production team is in the process of finalizing our latest documentary about Melbourne Florida's Founders Museum and our tourism grant will be one of the next big things we create, though the team has many ideas they are working on. If you haven't yet, read Issue 17, to see how we are connecting the dots through this magnificent medium! You can also listen to it here!
• The Ruby Holland Foundation for the Arts documentary premiere was successful and very well received this summer. Watch the trailer on bUneke.org!
• Forgotten Enchantress remains the star jewel in the bUneke Productions crown. We've been credited with saving the historical home, when other efforts had failed. If you haven't yet watched this film, we encourage you to click the link now and check it out.
>>>> Because of Jennifer's involvement with Green Gables, they have nominated her for a $5,000 grant, on top of donating $50 to bUneke in her honor! You can nominate her, too! Visit Green Gables' home page to see how much they love Jennifer and bUneke!
• While we aren't currently producing new episodes, you can still enjoy and share 41 episodes of Season 1 and Season 2 of Coffee or Tea? No Phones Allowed!
If we all add a little - Together we gain so much!
Your donation will change the way we are viewed, literally, with updated camera equipment. We have so many stories to tell. Any amount is greatly appreciated. PLEASE SHARE on your favorite social media platform! 🌎 🌿 We want to buy our own equipment so we no longer need to rely on borrowing it from our volunteers. YOU can help BUILD our bUneke Productions Studio!
Fundraising & Events are Really Fun!
Buy bUneke Masks
"My favorite Mask! It's the best one I own! Thanks bUneke! Check out my social media and see me in my mask!" - Actor, Awesome Human, Troy D. Williams
Buy one for yourself and all those you care for. Buy 3 & get one FREE! That's less than $6 a mask and they are high quality, fully adjustable and helps spread awareness about this organization! bUneke.org
Rennaisance Fair!
Lynn, Jennifer and Mary had some help from Gene and Bonnie to set up a tent at the Green Gables Rennaisance Faire preview and sold several items bUneke is now creating. The next day, Gene, Jennifer and Mary repeated the process for Edgewood's Project Graduation.
Join us at a booth! There are many opportunites to help us raise funds for this nonprofit! Contact mary@bUneke.org or Lynn@bUneke.org
Bountiful Farms!
Some of our most successful sales have taken place at Bountiful Farms, and we intend to continue going - but maybe not every Wednesday. Lynn is exploring other farmers market options, so we can have a presence in more areas. Kathy has alerted us to several opportunities and we are so grateful for her continued support.
Join us and discover why we are always smiling!
Etsy Page!
PROMOTE THIS PAGE as soon as it is released!
Later this month, we will have our Etsy page ready! We'll be selling whimsical wands, elegant head pieces, handmade soaps, guidance discs, MudLove bracelets, masks and magazines!
Thanks to Lynn and Jennifer for all your hard work to make this possible.
You can already purchase many of these items online.
Yard Sales!
bUneke recently held two very successful fundraising yard sales in Merritt Island and we are planning another one in Orlando. Special thanks to everyone who donated and helped! Jennifer, Anna, Bob, Jeff, Barb, Gene, Mary, Laurel, Lisa and Elisa, we truly couldn't have done it without you. It's rewarding to declutter and raise money for the organization at the same time!
Our next sale is at Lynn's house, 17 Kepner St, Orlando, Jan 23rd,
8-3 pm! Donate items, come hang out!
Ask for our printable signs for your own charitable yard sale. You can clean house and donate the proceeds to bUneke!
Creative Circle!
EVERYONE IS INVITED! Because we need to have products to sell, several volunteers have been gathering at our Merritt Island HQ, once a month, to create and fellowship. If you want to know more about this or want to create something to donate to the fundraising effort, let us know.
If you're not local-ish, we could Zoom you into the creative circle!
Next circle is Jan. 18th! RSVP with Mary@bUneke.org
Do you know about an event where you think bUneke should have a presence? Let us know!
We LOVE our Interns
We love it when our interns become our volunteers!
  • Casey Rivera first joined us as an intern from Valencia College and she still comes to create.
  • Marija Gosic reached out to us from Foothills College and has been working with Jennifer on the magazine and our special art project, not as an intern, but as a volunteer.
  • Michael Messicci goes to University of Wisconsin - River Falls. He will intern with the editorial department, starting in February.
  • Andre Dutra will be our productions assistant intern from Florida Atlantic University.
  • Another FAU student intern is Michaella Louis, working in marketing!
  • We are interviewing other interns for additional positions.
Most of these interns were introduced to bUneke through an app called Handshake.
Wouldn't you like to volunteer to manage the Internship project? It's not difficult at all and Mary will be happy to train you and give you all the tools you need to be our Intern Coordinator. It simply takes a little time and the ability to commuicate, schedule interviews with the appropriate people, and follow up.
We are Grateful for YOU!
bUneker of the Month: Gene Albertson
Gene Albertson is a historian, humanitarian and avid gardener who plays blues recorder, thinks, and entertains bees. He is the co-host of bUneke Radio’s UnScripted and Take a Break with Gene&Mary.
We met Gene while we were at Green Gables, filming Forgotten Enchantress. He told us that he'd been planning to create something similar to bUneke for years and when he realized we'd actually done it, he had to get involved. He shares from his stack of bUneke cards and promotes the organization eagerly, no matter where he is. Gene is very active on all our social media outlets, and has been assisting with the bUneke space at Bountiful Farms since we started going in early November. This means he must spend 6+ hours on the road in addition to the 6 hours spent at the market! This is in addition to the hours of research he puts in for UnScripted and Take a Break! He's also one of the admins of Admins of the newly rebranded Facebook page for bUneke Radio. We'd love to have everyone interact with him there, so be sure to check it out and like the page. Gene is also one of the writers for bUneke Magazine!
His motto is, "If you're not having fun, you're not doing it right," and since Mary says he reminds her of the best parts of a 10-year-old boy, we think he must be doing it right.
Thank you Gene for sharing your talents and time with bUneke!
We Want to Feature YOU, Here!
It's simple! Just answer a few questions listed on our website and send to mary@bUneke,org today and you can be the star of our next newsletter!
Get Featured!
The entire bUneke Board of Directors wants to say THANK YOU for your support. Whether you've been with us since we started in 2018 or have recently become a bUneker, we appreciate you.
We know 2020 wasn't an easy year and it would have been easy to simply give up, but we didn't. We did our best to stay strong because we exist to bring you the world's stories about positivity and to give you options, inspiration and hope.
You have given us so much more than we can ever give you. You have given us a reason to continue! Thank you for referring your friends and for volunteering, helping and encouraging us with your comments, thumbs up, likes and follows!
We WELCOME Your Feedback & suggestions! Contact us today!
bUneke is working today to change tomorrow using digital mediums to connect the dots of the world with professional storytelling.
bUneke.org is a sustainable 501c3 media provider that educates, inspires and fosters positivity and creativity, worldwide, through video, audio and a literary magazine.
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