Wouldn't Change A Thing
Week 2 highlights.
Down Syndrome Awareness Month 
WCAT's 2nd visit to This Morning this awareness month. 
Team #WCAT we're on This Morning again this week, with a tribute to John Lennon. WE were invited to help produce a makaton video to Imagine by John Lennon. With the help of Singing Hands we managed to get our families to submit within 24 hours, we could not have done it without them allowing us to use their translation.  
Find out more about Singing Hands. 
Siblings #OurTruth
‘Having Pippa in our family has helped her siblings become the most empathetic, caring and kind youngsters with an awareness far beyond their years. I wouldn’t change a thing about our tight family unit and Pippa is at the very heart of that!’
‘I wouldn’t change a thing about having Pippa as my sister because she makes me see the world in a different way and I always have someone to do dance routines with!’
Pippa’s mum and sister.
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Claire has Mosaic Down syndrome. #OurTruth
‘I wouldn’t change the power to have control over my own life. Do not let anyone underestimate you. It is your choice, no one else’s. Don’t let anything or anyone influence you. This is your life, choose you first and decide which route you want to take.’
Claire Minnet
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We have had some fabulous press during campaign month so far and you can follow all news articles and television interviews over on our WCAT Press page. Click below. 
A tribute to Lucinda, from Mum Nikki. #OurTruth

''My beautiful girl... I love you so much. But that doesn't really cover it does it, nothing really does. There are not actually any words I can write that do. Ok I'll try... You deserve me to try!
I love how your smile lights up any room, I love how your laugh makes me forget anything I was worrying about,
I love how you without fail always pretend to hide the lid to your medicine every day & find it hilarious when I pretend to not know it's behind your back!,
I love how you shout 'Ho Ho Ho' at spiders (all year round),
I love how somehow you are so in tune with people & despite finding communication difficult you just somehow are in tune with those close to you and just know how to let them know.
I love how when you give me a cuddle it's with every part of you, and you melt into me. It's the best most utterly connected feeling in the world.
I love how you and Zack adore each other. He would go to the end of the world for you baby girl.
I love how you get spooked when I have changed your bedding - & you look at me with your huge beautiful big blue eyes like "you've ruined my life, where is my other bedding? face' (most people love fresh new sheets!).
I love it when everytine I say the word 'best' - you instantly pipe up with 'best is the bus, the bus is for us'!
I love how how Evan (who doesn't often get others feelings) does your coat up after school pick up to 'keep her new strong heart nice & warm'.
I love how I feel when I have your little hand in mine.
I love that you come with no filters.
I love that you are pure, & random & hilarious.
I love it that since your heart surgery you have said 'i love you mummy' in hospital and ever since without me saying it first - you just know that we went through something hard for you together, I just know you do.
I love the magic you bring into all our lives, and to most that meet you. It can't be underestimated, ever.
I just love that you are you. I wouldn't change a thing.'
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WCAT Merch! 
Our newest additon to our WCAT merchandise is butterfly Trolley coins! They join our WCAT pens and Car sticker in our shop. See our bundle. 
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WCAT Hoodies
Our WCAT hoodies seen in the music video have been really popular, onesies to follow soon. Just in time for Christmas. 
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Christmas Cards 
Each year we run a competition for people with ds to design our Christmas crads, each card has a little about the winners on the back and they serve as a little awareness mission themselves. 
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Tiktok Daily Myth Busters. 
Myth busters and facts are being shared across our social media, join us on Tiktok for daily fact videos. 
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