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November 2020 | Issue #5
Welcome to the USASF Parent Connect!
This newsletter will be sent out quarterly and provides insight into the values and vision of All Star, offers differing perspectives from our members in addition to education, awareness, and connections to your investment in your child's All Star experience. For more information visit the All Star Parent Connect. Thank you for your support of All Star and for making a difference in your athlete's life!
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Adult Athlete Requirements 
Is your athlete born in 2001 or earlier (or will be 19 or older by 12/31/2020)? If so, there are NEW ELIGIBILITY requirements they MUST COMPLETE to be placed on a roster and able to perform at an event. To learn more, click below and read the email that was recently sent to your Program Owner.
Completing the eligibility process takes time. Don't delay- check with your coach and owner TODAY to avoid being ineligible and unable to compete at an event!
Adult Athlete Eligibility Requirements
U.S. All Star Federation
Road Map for Parents of an All Star Athlete
If only there were a single road map that worked for every All Star athlete. A simple manual could help figure out “next steps” and “what’s best” in a “one-size-fits-all” kind of way. 
To help parents or guardians play an integral part of their athlete’s experience in All Star we asked All Star Owner and mother of two very successful All Star athletes, Sheila Trost, her advice for being supportive as well as engaged in your All Star athlete’s All Star journey.
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Boost Your Parent Toolbox
Navigating youth sports can be quite an adventure, both for the athlete AND the parent. Athletes need security and a support system at home and many parents find it helpful to have tools in their toolbox and a map ready to go before they hit the road, ensuring their athlete’s experience is an enriching one.
USASF reached out to Dr. Russell Kennedy, health and sports psychologist, and wellness specialist, and asked him a few questions about finding a home in All Star for your athlete, supporting their mental well being and advocating for them. Keep reading to find resources and advice you can add to YOUR toolbox!
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Scholarships for College-Bound Seniors and Exceptional Athletes
Did you know that the USASF awards thousands of dollars in college scholarships each year thanks to our generous sponsors? Now is the time for your college-bound seniors and Exceptional Athletes to apply for the USASF College Scholarship! For full details, athletes should visit their Athlete Profile. The deadline to apply is February 1, 2021.
Apply Today!
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Season of Service
We are dedicated to giving back to others and hope you will join us in our Season of Service! Participate now through November 27th, 2020.
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