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Hello Friend!  I've missed you!
 "Left foot, right foot, breathe".  That's one of my favorite expressions by Anne Lamott, and it definitely helped me get through some of the bleaker moments of 2020.  And yet, there were many grace notes that punctuated each day and I'm grateful for them, as well as for hobbies revisited, for extended time with family, for time to read and to cook, and for new connections made in online communities.  
The idea of grace notes, or small joys, came to mind as 
I watched "Soul" with my family recently and wrote about it here. It's a beautiful movie (albeit slowly paced) about what makes life meaningful, and it has some great music too!  So I'm raising my mug of hot chocolate to you as I write, wishing you a 2021 filled with grace notes.
I'm sending you my first newsletter because I personally know you, and/or because you've used my photography services.  I hope you'll like it (and if you, do drop me a note of encouragement!), but if not, you can unsubscribe below -- no hard feelings 💖!
ISO BETA TESTERS for my "Take Better Pictures Now" Class
I've been teaching photography for seven years and I'm finally creating an online course!  It's an 8 week course that covers the basics of the art of photography - three weekly lessons, one catch up week, followed by three more weekly lessons and one wrap up week.  It's appropriate for anyone who wants to improve their photography, from high school students to stay at home moms to small business solopreneurs.
I would 💖 five or six people to take the course for FREE starting sometime in February in exchange for feedback.  Email me below if you are interested!
✨ 2.  FREEBIES ✨
Year End Review
This charming (and FREE) little year end planner by Year Compass would be fun to work on with far-flung friends over Zoom.
Better Phone Pics
The best camera is the one you have with you!  Here are six practical tips for taking photos you love with your phone!
Get Creative!
I wrote this how-to guide for an art class bundle last year and I'm giving it away for FREE to anyone who wants to learn a new craft or to share with your kids.
Goodhart Photography is OPEN for business!
My home photography studio got taken over by my family as a 🏋🏼‍♂️ home gym last spring.  It is so well loved that I don't think I am ever getting it back!  But I created an outdoor studio that's been working out great.  Read more and see photos by clicking the link below!
👩🏻‍🏫 Course I'm Taking:  Web Developer Boot Camp by Colt Steele - Take it With Me on Udemy.
I want to hone my web development skills first and then maybe get into app development.  I have so many ideas and my kids don't seem interested in implementing any of them for me!
🧘🏻‍♀️Favorite Yoga Instructor:  Yoga with Adriene by Adriene Mischler - Watch on YouTube.
Adrienne has been teaching yoga for years and she has hundreds of videos of every kind.  I love the variety, and I love her general attitude about yoga being a form of self-care.  She has great targeted videos too, like for the back and shoulders.

⏳Favorite Productivity App: Notion - Visit Website.
I've tried so many tools, from Roam Research to Obsidian to Evernote to Airtable and more, and I've settled on Notion. It's visually appealing, which is important to me, it's easy to use, and it's also very powerful and uses relational databases.

📃Favorite Blog Post:  Build a Second Brain by Tiago Forte - Read on Forte Labs.
This blog post sent me down such a rabbit hole of how to organize my digital life, but I've been implementing some of his ideas gradually and it's been very valuable.  His course is too pricey for me, but he is generous with his insights on his blog.
👨🏻‍🍳Favorite Cookbook: Milk Street Cookish by Christopher Kimball. Buy on Amazon.
This cookbook has been a revelation to me, the relative simplicity of the recipes, the intensity of the flavors, and the unusual and surprising flavor cominations. Not to mention I've learned a few new cooking techniques. I cook from this book at least once a week.
👩🏽‍💻Favorite Pandemic Resource:  Virtual Coworking.  Read my blog post.
I stumbled across Virtual Coworking this year and I love it.  It's so fun and a great way to connect with others, plus I'm very productive!  We use the Pomodoro Method and check-ins to keep us on track.  Email me if you are interested in participating or learning more!
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