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So much has happened since our last newsletter! We're reaching record numbers of active users and videos created every day, and we've seen traffic from all 50 states and 10 countries. We just crossed 14,000 users, and already have set our sights on the next milestone. Thanks for making music with us!
We're excited to send out this newsletter to keep you in the loop with what's new and what we're working on. Catch up on our last newsletter here.
What's New
Metronome Controls
We've heard many requests for this, so we added it in! In Settings, you can now change the metronome style and volume. We know that singers will be happy to have non-pitched metronome options!
Leader Mode
Leader mode is now available for all PRO accounts and free trials. To enable it, click the settings gear in the bottom left. Then, whoever records first is designated the leader, and everyone else will follow their audio and visual cues while recording. We're already seeing this enable more nuance and musicality in recordings!
16 Player Support
All PRO rooms (basic and unlimited) can now support up to 16 players. Invite the entire group!
Troubleshooting Guide
We've spent a lot of time improving performance so that Upbeat works well on lower-powered devices such as Chromebooks. We recently published a troubleshooting guide with some tips for what you can do on your end to make sure the app runs as smoothly as possible. Almost everyone who has tested out these tips has come away with better performance, so give it a shot!
Featured Videos
If you're not following our Facebook page, you're missing our featured videos. Here are some of our recent favorites:
Mr. Swick and Mr. Swick
This tutorial video put a smile on our faces! The Swicks, an infectiously enthusiastic father and son pair of music teachers, test out Upbeat for the first time.
Dust - Justin & Alison
Justin and Alison sing a cover of Dust, showcasing Upbeat's new Leader Mode feature. Since Leader Mode has you follow the leader and not a metronome, it is now possible to record longer and more musically complex pieces.
Large Rooms - Mr. Glawe
Jonathan Glawe of Pioneer High School runs a couple of tests with larger rooms, exploring some possibilities with rooms containing 9 or more people.
What's Next
We're hard at work building the next set of features. Here are some of the major updates on our short term road map:
Backing Tracks
We were scheduled to launch backing track support a few days ago, but we decided to push it back in order to make the project a bit more ambitious. Now, instead of allowing just an uploaded audio file, we'll enable you to create reusable accompaniment audio (uploaded) or video (recorded in-app) that can then be imported into any Upbeat room. 
We're envisioning this being used to create and save background audio or video to reuse across multiple rooms, or for someone else to use later. We expect to launch within a week.
We've been getting a lot of requests for tutorial videos and examples of how others are using the app. To have this information easily accessible in one place, we're working on a Resources page on our website. If you have any lesson plans, tutorial videos, or other resources that you've created and would like to share, please email us!
Thanks for reading, and for your support! We're honored to be building musical connections across the world and we appreciate you being a part of this adventure.

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