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Cycling Initiatives available in English!
Through the following stories (around fifteen) from all over the world, we will witness the endless revival of cycling, with its simplicity, variety, beauty, cleverness, greatness. The best way to meet and reach the future of sports, our common and human future.
Discover local cycling initiatives that appear on our PR platform "Start Tomorrow Today!"
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DX: The Store of Tomorrow, Today! Customer Centric, First and Foremost
1. All visitors wishing to buy a product become members via the Decathlon App
2. Selected seasonal products are available and ready to wear and buy
3. The AddLab opens its doors to all Explorers
Come eXplore, come eXperiment, come eXperience...

Well done to Hugo, Charlie, Romain, Isabelle, Simon and the whole Team!
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Nice work from the DX Team!
Alongside their daily mission for Decathlon United, 25 Teammates actively took part in building the DX Project, around Charlie and Loïc. Soon, the contributors were a hundred...
The team completed the project within three and a half months only!
Well done! 🤩
Joins us for our next One Blue Video Conference!
Thank you for attending our last visio conference. Please note that our next webinar will take place on Thursday October 1st. Focus on Canada scheduled  Please join in!
More about our previous visio conferences here
Blue Facts
Many thanks to Decathlon Việt Nam for handing over masks in the colours of France and Vietnam to the agents of the French Embassy in Hanoi !
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We Care For You, Lebanon!
In times of pain and suffering, we put you at the very heart of our thoughts. We stand still, and we stay strong and more united than ever... 💙
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Una nueva edición de la revista Cóndor!
Find out about the most important events of Decathlon Colombia in the first half of 2020, as well as the progress of the Condor project. 
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Stores openings!
One Blue Press review
Monthly magazine at the Singapor Lab!
The Convey Times
Great news from Decathlon Singapore! A monthly magazine is putting our Teammates in the limelight, stressing on local initatives. The bottom line is simple: Human and Sport First! We now have 9 stores in Singapore.
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