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The Bay Leaf - November 2020 A California Native Database and Website
Starting with their collection of thousands of photos, native plant enthusiasts and photographers Tim Lukaszewski and Paul Preston worked with CNPS East Bay’s Gregg Weber to create the website Dedicated to helping people at any level of experience identify and learn about native plants, the website aims to show all aspects of each plant: habitat, entire plant, leaves, flowers, and fruit.
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She Was Not Lost, but Wild: Madia elegans at Skyline Gardens
Safely socially distanced Skyline Gardens Alliance volunteers have been continuing their work to document the native flora of the Skyline Gardens area and remove invasive plants to help restore the area’s native ecological diversity. This summer they joyfully added elegant tarweed (Madia elegans) to the Skyline Gardens plant list after finding this species for the first time.
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Plant Visits on the East Bay Shoreline
Although many East Bay shorelines are hemmed in by airports, refineries, marinas, and freeways, in some places remnant salt marshes and other native habitats persist within a few dozen meters of the interstates.
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Gratitude for Champions of the East Bay Native Flora
Despite the pandemic, numerous development and land management projects are being processed by city and county governments in Alameda and Contra Costa counties, and CNPS East Bay’s conservation work continues apace. Autumn is a time to take stock and recognize some of the many people who have given their time to help in this effort.
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Waiting for the Big Blue Butterfly
I remember exactly where I was the first time I saw a pipevine swallowtail. My husband and I were hiking on East Ridge Trail in Redwood Regional Park when a spectacular blue butterfly fluttered by. It was big—about five inches across—and I had never seen a butterfly that color, an iridescent blue.
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The West Coast Rare 10 Challenge: We Need Your Help to Find Rare Fungi!
This winter the West Coast Rare 10 Challenge asks all nature lovers on the West Coast to look out for 10 mushroom species that are rare or endangered, rarely encountered, and specific to a certain habitat. All 10 are easy to recognize, some have been found in the East Bay, and all are in need of protection.
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Online Lecture
East Bay Mountain Lion Ecology
Speaker: James “Doc” Hale
Wednesday, November 18, 7:30 pm
Doc Hale has been studying the presence (or absence) of mountain lions in Contra Costa County for over 48 years. He will share his knowledge, including the indirect impact of these top carnivores on our plant communities, along with his extraordinary wildlife camera images.
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