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Newsletter No. 4
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Dear Reader,

It has been an 'interesting' few months since we last released our newsletter. The pandemic is a novel situation, but not one that we wanted! Of course, it is a trying time that presents many obstacles. Like many, the FORMOBILE team has tried to adapt and adjust to the circumstances. 

We have proceeded with the initial plan, although events and physical meetings were postponed or moved online. Generally, things have progressed well, and each work package is moving forward, working towards their respective goals. This edition of the newsletter highlights some of the pertinent milestones since our last correspondence. To ensure you do not miss any of the updates, make sure you follow FORMOBILE on LinkedIn, and/or Twitter

Thank you for being part of the FORMOBILE journey - if you think a colleague or member of your network would also be interested in the work - please share this newsletter. 

Best wishes,

Communication & Dissemination Team 

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A Summary of LEAs' Requirements

The leader of FORMOBILE's Work Package 1 - ZITiS, from Munich Germany, prepared a report highlighting LEAs’ requirements on mobile forensics. The content came from volunteering LEAs, who provided details through a detailed survey.  

The results are vital for other work packages to adjust their outputs accordingly. This article highlights the process and main findings. 

Find out more here... 

Awaiting the 2nd CWA Draft 

Since the last newsletter, the FORMOBILE team prepared the first edition of the CWA draft. Last week, during another online meeting, the participants of the CWA process gathered to prepare the next iteration. In the coming weeks, we can expect to see the second version of the CWA that will later be shared to collect feedback and additional suggestions. 

The CWA is now split into four distinct segments: Personnel, Processes, Technology/Tools and Legal and Ethical matters. The holistic approach promises a comprehensive new standard dedicated to Mobile Forensics. 

For more information about the process, read this article
Novel Training Curriculum for Mobile Forensics

The curriculum was released at the end of spring and uploaded to FORMOBILE's Secure Portal.
Training, along with a new standard for mobile forensics and a suite of new tools, forms the backbone of the project. When working in unison, all will help achieve the overarching goal of the project - an end-to-end forensic investigation chain for mobile devices. 

The training efforts related to the project are completed in work package 7. The Norwegian Police University College and the Foundation for Research and Technology from Greece are the key leads in this work package; although, a selection of other project partners are contributing to activities. All parties, together with LEAs and commercial players, aim to create and introduce a new and novel curriculum for mobile forensics.

Read more here....

Do you want to be trained through FORMOBILE? 

The training team is looking for participants to volunteer for the FORMOBILE pilot programmes. 

If you are interested;
apply here. To read more, read this article. 

Working with Sister Projects 

Previously, we wrote about the collaboration with the i-LEAD project and the LOCARD team. Well, joint cooperation is still high on FORMOBILE's agenda. Thus, in addition to strengthening existing relations, the team has recently engaged with EXFILES*. Due to the close similarities between our projects, the team is excited to explore opportunities for synergies - boosting the results of both projects!  

*"The EXFILES project aims to provide law enforcement agencies (LEAs) with new tools to extract data and associated evidence from these devices in strict legal contexts. A unique consortium of five LEAs, universities and cyber security companies from the EU have joined forces to address these challenges."
On the Horizon

A Busy Autumn!

The upcoming period will be intense for the project partners. Ten deliverables are scheduled in the coming months, and there will be changes across all three pillars of the project - Tools, Standard and Training. 

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Once again,  thank you for subscribing and taking the time to read our Newsletter. Please feel free to share this with colleagues. We look forward to ongoing interactions with the FORMOBILE community. 

Best wishes and enjoy your autumn, 
Communication & Dissemination Team