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#OurTruth Wouldn't Change A Thing October Campaign. Week 1 highlights.  
Wouldn't Change A Thing By The Bitterati
The vision for this campaign was to produce something completely different from anything Wouldn't Change A Thing have done before.
The idea was to get people thinking about what it is about disability that makes us uncomfortable.
If we are honest most people at some point in their life has felt uncomfortable in some way around disability and too often we say nothing for fear of saying the wrong thing.
So with the help of some exceptionally talented people who go by the name 'The Bittarati" the song was created. With a punchy chorus, you’ll be singing along in no time.
We feel incredibly proud of what we have produced and the accompanying music video really shows why we #WouldntChangeAThing.
On 1st October Wouldn't Change A Thing by 'The Bitterati, fet Anya Frankland' was released. 
The song is available to download across all music download platforms and available for purchase on CD or Vinyl limitted editions in the WCAT Shop 
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Watch the Wouldn't Change A Thing Music Video Below. 
Wouldn't Change A Thing by The Bitterati
The wider campaign continues through the month with beautiful images, videos, interviews and blogs giving a voice to those with Down syndrome or those who love someone with Down syndrome. Project manager Lisa Carr told us: 

'Very simply the vision for this part of the campaign was to share with the world not only that we WOULDN’T change a thing, but WHY we wouldn’t change a thing! It’s been a crazy year and a time for reflection which took us back to where it all began for wcat. The perfect opportunity to go back to basics with an extra dose of love and share with you OUR TRUTH!
We hope that these beautiful clips and images that we will be sharing throughout October will show you that people with Down Syndrome live enriching, productive, wonderful lives. We hope that they show you that someone who happens to have an extra chromosome can fall in love and love hard…. they are successful in education and can have a career… they are part of loving families who love them to the moon and back… they have valuable friendships and they themselves wouldn’t change a thing about their lives.
This is OUR TRUTH! Enjoy!
WCAT Facebook Page 
Family Voice 
''Brother and sister, together as friends. Ready to face whatever life sends. Joy and laughter or tears and strife, holding hands tightly as we dance through life.' Suzie Hutt.
Daniel and Claire, brother and sister.
#OurTruth #DownSyndromeAwarenessMonth #WouldntChangeAThing 
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Nino and Olivia appear on This Morning. 
On Tuesday's This Morning Olivia and Nino, a couple from the WCAT Music video joined Holly and Phil on the show with their Mums, Lynne and Sharon to chat about their lives, relationship and the WCAT campaign.
Nino and Olivia WCAT Interview. 
Caleb's Truth
.‘Caleb and his Dad have had a special bond from the beginning. He helps us realise that each day should be celebrated! That’s why we wouldn’t change a thing.’
Mum to Caleb, Karen. 
WCAT Twiiter Feed 
Abbie's Truth
My future is so bright I need sunglasses so I wouldn't change a thing.
Abbie Schloor Aged 6 
WCAT Insta Feed
Wouldn't Change A Thing? 
Blog by #WCAT Chairman Jamie McCallum
Having a child with Down Syndrome has its challenges at times. I doubt that I'd be sticking my neck out too much by suggesting that all of us parents have wished the Down Syndrome away at one time or another.
Then I imagine that I really and truly could do that. What if? What if a genie magically appeared to me one day - would that be one of my wishes? Or if I could flick a wand like Harry Potter and cast a spell - "Trisomy Expelliarmus!" - would I do it?
I imagine the next new day dawns. The sun streaming through the window. Feeling happy, unburdened, knowing that our life is back "on track". Back to being the way we had always intended it to be. A new beginning.
I go through to greet the children. I open their bedroom door and I am confronted by a 7-year-old child that I have never met. A complete and total stranger. It feels like a violation - as if someone has broken into our home. Or like a sleepover had been arranged without my knowledge..............read the rest of Jamie's blog on the yellow button below. 
Read the rest of Jamie's blog here.  
We are also on Tiktok and have myth busters, facts and lots of fun happening throughout awareness month so do pop over and give us a follow or join in.
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Wouldn't Change A Thing is nominated for the Disibility Community Award at this years National Diverity Awards 
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