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Trial and Error - We are the one’s we have been waiting for.
Dear FFellows,
It has been quiet for a while. We have so much to communicate, and yet it seems almost impossible to get it all out at once, because it seems too much to take in at once. It has been a recurring challenge for us to feel we have not the right set up yet. We’ll go into more details about that in a moment. Agustí has been busy with writing the Foundational deed and structure to set up the foundation and on simplified, summarized decks to break down the complexity of the overall Fast Forward structure and content.
Different Needs for different People
We realized that people connected to Fast Forward and FFabric, are all in different stages and have different interests, desires and needs in terms of information, communication and participation and contribution. We have a lot of new people coming in, being interested, wanting information, wanting to meet up personally. We have been finetuning and finetuning again the guides, understanding more and more what people need. The implementation is a whole different story though.
With regards to infrastructure, not everyone is happy with social media platforms, others do not like emails, for some it is impossible to come here personally for meetings. Adding into this, mewe, the platform we had chosen to be the primary platform for communication looked really good, but has a lot of bugs, the notifications do not work, and it just did not feel natural for people to use the platform it could be used. These are observations that caused some frustration for us, which we had to deal with first. We needed to find out why we were feeling frustrated.
What am I, and what am I not? 
First of all, it became obvious, that we don’t have the structure and infrastructure in place to serve these different needs. It is great to have the infrastructure and the content on paper, but actually implementing it without any funds and talent available and not doing what we actually are good at, is not only a challenge.
To be honest, it sucks. (Literally I mean, it really sucks one empty of energy, when you are not doing what you really love and enjoy). I caught myself making design layouts and guides, researching on technology platforms, newsletter tools, contact management, webdesign possibilities, to find a starting point for “Shared Essence” and for communcating to the world. And I truly hated it. It made me tired. It frustrated me even more. I felt like if we don’t get this started, the whole project will never ground. I felt like a failure. A feeling that was very familiar and I remembered from my former work life. It was a huge weight sitting on our shoulders, and It took us a while to release ourselves from that feeling of obligation and to understand that co-creation is not working in this linear way. To understand that I am not supposed to try to be someone I am not. And of course that counts for all of us.
The first result of this process was that I wrote a blog about my new insights on co-creation. It literally bursted out of me. Basically, it became obvious that we have a specific function and talents, which we have great passion for, and we do it to our highest excitement. Then, we have endless energy available. As soon as we compromise that individual function of ours, we lose the connection to this energetic source, and we start feeling a heavy energy that drags us down and frustrates us. (For those that want to read the whole blog, you can find it here.
New Communication and Co-Creation Structure
We have decided to drop Mewe as a platform again. The energy is not flowing there. We have looked into Facebook Workplace as a new platform. This platform is only used by those that are actively participating in the co-creative process.
For all others that just want to get the regular updates and be an observer, we have this newsletter.
We also do not know if this is the right solution or if this needs finetuning again. We keep on trying and erroring, until we’ve got it aligned but we’d love to do this with all of you together.
We are also absolutely sure, that it is necessary to bring people physically together more. The first step to feel this co-creative hurricane-like energy is the first experience needed to understand and feel the incredible power and ease in it. This is where co-creation starts. By connecting, exchanging, getting to know each other and then start matching our functions to start to be creative.
We know that we still do not have the foundation set up, nor a website, we do not have a contact management tool, we don’t have the hub for shared essence to start building a new infrastructure.
And we know that neither Agustí nor I are the ones who can build this on our own or with the two of us. It is not what excites us. And that let’s the momentum die down.
For the foundation, we still need a lawyer, we need someone coordinating with the different parties and institutions in the Netherlands.
For the website, we need a webdesigner who knows about user journeys and can translate our theoretical structure into a website. With that, we need a graphic designer, who will express the content in an inspiring and touching way visually.
We need a story teller who will tell the stories in an exciting and touching way about our services and productions. And we need someone who can develop killer logos for our brand and subbrands.
So this is a shout out to you and into our shared essence network. Who wants and really feels called to contribute to start building this infrastructure, including the communication platforms and meetings, please do!
I can facilitate and moderate on the flow that is needed, the stakeholders that need to be taken into account, the platforms that make sense. Agustí can deliver master plans, general structures and technology. We are just not the one’s to actually coordinate, organize it or build it.
In summary, there is three major parts that keep blocking the grounding of the project:
  • The brand development (including communication, culture and design)
  • The infrastructure that this content can be shared in and on (This does not only affect communication, but it affects how we organize and orchestrate projects)
  • The set up of the foundations to be an official organization
Please do not use the old guides anymore to share with others. They are outdated.
Together we will create new ones that will cater the needs better for the individual.
And please, please share: What is important for you. What is missing. What do you need to be able to contribute. It will enrich our joint endeavour and will make it a lot clearer what still needs to be organized.
We are the one’s we have been waiting for, and when we contribute with what we love, with what we have available, and with our network (our personal shared essence) we can move things quickly.
Thanks so much for being and taking part. Alone, we move rocks, together we move mountains.
Much love
Vera and Agustí
PS: We will send out a series of newsletters in digestible pieces to give you all the news.
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