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I hope you are well and thriving. In this Newsletter I share  with you some of my newest holistic healing tools that might be of interest for you. 
Online Meditation Class
Want to meditate easily? Join my online MEDITATION CLASS and start meditating from the comfort of your home, being guided step by step since the first lesson. Experience the joy, bliss and peace that meditation provides!
5-Minute Yoga Routine
Need a quick, easy, five-minute YOGA routine?
Watch this free video with yoga teacher Nas Akkerman doing yoga with my music. 
Sound Bath with Tibetan Bowls
Fancy a Sound Bath? Sound baths with Tibetan Bowls are now a wellness trend. People have realized that Sound baths are a pleasant, meditative way to vibrationally improve their well-being and overall health.
Listen to SOUND BATH
Find Your Passion and Purpose in Life
My book "How to Find Your Passion and Purpose in Life" helps people find their true passion and their purpose in live, with the use of many different techniques you can choose from.  
Get the eBOOK
Be Happy according to Your Personality
You can live a happier life. One that is consonant with your own personality type. In my book "The Five Paths to Happiness" I show you how and give you the keys to living a happy life according to your personality strengths.
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Bach Flowers in Sound Form
Bach Flowers remedies are a well known holistic approach to treat all sort of emotional states at vibrational level. But did you know that you can also use the Bach Flower remedies in sound form? 
Improve your Brain Performance 
Tune your brainwaves to Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta or Gamma mind states for better brain performance, according to your needs. Feel relaxed. Feel energized. Study better. Meditate better. Sleep better.
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