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Dear members and friends,

During these unprecedented times of disruption, loss and sadness we look to Easter for hope and for better days ahead. We believe that community support and the herculean efforts made by medical, cleaning and food supply workers will be an example to us all for a more meaningful future. These heroes risk their own lives every day while working on the front line.

As members of our charity we have been fortunate over the years to have the help of dedicated and generous-spirited volunteers who give their time in order to care for our patients, who are particularly vulnerable at all times. Our charity is there to provide moral and practical support, especially for those who while suffering serious illness are isolated and in emotional as well as financial need. Our remaining coronavirus-afflicted patient and his father have had daily calls from several team members, and a van arrived at our ‘Nest’ from Birmingham with essential food and greetings at this crucial time! A very special committee member left essentials and cash from the charity.

We are delighted that members of our team who experienced this dreadful virus in different ways are all recovering well and out of danger. Keeping in touch has given everyone hope and strength to fight the symptoms. We send our sincere condolences to those who have lost family members and close friends and hope they can find solace in memories and celebration of their lives.

We await further developments before taking decisions regarding planned events. Several patients have had to cancel hospital appointments and operations and our ‘Nest’ will be ready for them as soon as they are able to come.

Happy Easter! ΚΑΛΟ ΠΑΣΧΑ!
Please let us know if we can help, either by phoning on 0791 396 8639 or by e-mail to

Marie Parisinou-Nicholsby
President, Alkionides UK
Alkionides UK
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