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#5 - 9 May 2020
Dear Collegues & Friends,
We are delighted to send you our Europa Nostra Digital Agora weekly update on the occasion of the Europe Day celebrations, marking this year the 70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration and the start of European integration. At the end of the devastating World War II, France, West Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg established the European Coal and Steel Community, laying the ground towards a more united Europe. French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman wrote in this Declaration that "Europe will not be made all at once, or according to a single plan. It will be built through concrete achievements which first create a de facto solidarity."
We are honoured that on the occasion of this historic Europe Day, Margaritis Schinas, European Commission Vice-President in charge of Promoting the European Way of Life, has recorded a special video message, in which he stated: “I deeply believe that what makes our European way of life so unique is the richness of our cultural heritage. Our European identity is the fruit of the diversity of cultures across Europe. For me, being European today is also about upholding and promoting this unique, common cultural legacy.
Indeed, as we are confronted with an unprecedented pandemic crisis, the vast world of culture and cultural heritage has been heavily and particularly affected with serious cultural, social and economic implications. Let us also seize the momentum to recall that our cultural heritage has countless benefits for Europe’s society, economy and environment. Let us demonstrate once again through our solidarity and unity the power of cultural heritage, which should be placed where it belongs: at the very heart of the European project.
This is why today, we are releasing the Europe Day Manifesto “Cultural Heritage: a powerful catalyst for the future of Europe” on behalf of the European Heritage Alliance. Through this Manifesto, major European and international networks which form the European Heritage Alliance, encourage European leaders and citizens to place culture and cultural heritage, together with education, at the heart of Europe’s recovery and revival.
We now invite you to read the Manifesto as well as to show your support by signing and widely promoting it!
This important document will be presented and discussed at the Europe Day Webinar which we are co-hosting today with Europeana on behalf of the European Heritage Alliance. At 12:00 CET, we are going to sit around a digital table with key heritage decision-makers from the European Institutions, Member States and civil society, including: Mariya Gabriel, EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth; Luca Jahier, President of the European Economic and Social Committee; Nina Obuljen-Koržinek, Minister of Culture and Acting Chair of the EU Council of Ministers (Croatia); Sabine Verheyen, Chair of the European Parliament Culture and Education Committee; Anne Karjalainen, Member of the European Committee of the Regions, Chair of the SEDEC commission; as well as Stéphane Bern, well-known author and TV journalist from France.
Let us all end this celebratory day by watching the European Union Youth Orchestra online concert “Hope through Music” performed by 112 Young European musicians from 30 countries and conducted by Maestro Vasily Petrenko. In the year when we celebrate the 250th anniversary of Beethoven, a prominent founding father of our Cultural Europe, the concert will end with a performance of the "Ode to Joy", the European Anthem, as a contribution to Europa Nostra's "#Ode2Joy Challenge" started in 2018 during the European Year of Cultural Heritage. Europa Nostra is proud to be a key civil society partner of this exceptional concert, commissioned by the Delegation of the European Union to Turkey. The concert will be broadcast at 18.00 CET on EUYO’s YouTube channel and on Europa Nostra’s website. The recording of this concert will remain available via YouTube also after its initial broadcast on 9 May.
You will find below a compilation of virtual exhibitions, webinars, social media campaigns in which you can participate on 9 May to express - in these trying times - your support and belief in a stronger and united Europe!
We wish you an inspiring and enriching Europe Day!
On behalf of the Europa Nostra Agora Team,
Hermann Parzinger, Executive President 
Sneška Quaedvlieg-Mihailović, Secretary General
European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards - on 7 May, the European Commission and Europa Nostra have announced the 2020 winners of the European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards. Europe’s top honour in the heritage field goes to 21 exemplary achievements from 15 European countries. In times of physical distancing, we hope to inspire a particularly large number of people to discover this year’s award-winning achievements and to vote online for the Public Choice Award. Press Release in several languages here.
Europeana: “70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, 9 May 1950” online exhibition - Through 17 chapters, delve into historical facts and events which led to the presentation of the Schuman Declaration on 9 May 1950, against the backdrop of the Cold War, and marked the beginning of the process of building the European Community. The aim the then French Foreign Minister had set himself was to establish a new supranational organisation with a view to creating a common coal and steel market between France and Germany which was also open to other European countries. It would become the European Coal and Steel Community, or ECSC, and since 1985, Europe Day has been celebrated on 9 May every year.
Council of Europe - This week also marked the anniversary of the Treaty establishing the Council of Europe, which was signed on 5 May 1949 in London. In 2019, the organisation protecting Europe’s Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law, celebrated its 70th anniversary and published an online exhibition retracing its history. 2020 marks the 70th anniversary since the European Convention on Human Rights, protecting the rights of more than 830 million people in Europe, was opened for signature. We invite you to discover how the Council of Europe promotes diversity, dialogue and a sense of identity through access to heritage by reading the Strategy 21’s Golden collection of 32 good practices in Europe and European Heritage Days Stories from organisers of EHD events.
Global Ode to Joy: #Beethoven250 for 2020 - Led by world renowned conductor Marin Alsop (USA) and more than a dozen international partners, including Europa Nostra, a major international online initiative will soon be launched, inspired by Beethoven’s conviction that united we can achieve greatness. It is intended to activate and unify a global community with messages of solidarity, shared joy, understanding and compassion. “Now, more than ever, we need Beethoven’s message of unity and understanding through the power of shared joy. Together we have an opportunity to “change the tone” and chart our way to a better future for our planet and humanity.” stated conductor Marin Alsop. People of hugely varying talents and abilities - musicians, and those who love music - will have the opportunity to contribute during the coming months. The result will be a series of films to help foster solidarity and find joy and hope during this time of crisis. It will act as an examination and sharing of our core values as a united human race, and amplify, in a snapshot, how we see our future changing, as individuals and as members of our global community, when this time has passed.
Music Europe Day - On 9 May from 14:00 to 00:00, the European Union will present Music Europe Day, a project by Europavox. 30 artists from 30 different countries will pace this day, introduced by a very special guest: the French pop star Etienne Daho, who will share his vision of Europe and mostly his infinite love for what is the main theme of this day: music. This programme, conceived as a great journey between countries and songs, will be widely broadcast on social media, on Europavox’s Facebook pages (the media and festival pages), as well as the pages of the European Commission Representation and the European Parliament Liaison Office in France.
Carillon Concert - The City of Mons in Belgium organises a carillon concert by Charles Dairay on Sunday 10 May at 20:00 in support of all the healthcare workforce. Citizens have voted online for their 10 favourite songs among a suggested list. The 20 songs with the most votes, in a variety of genres, will be played. You can follow the concert live via the Facebook page of the City of Mons. You can also watch previous carillon concerts by Charles Dairay, Audrey Dye, and Patrice Poliart.
#Ode2Joy Challenge - Launched during the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 by Europa Nostra, this creative initiative celebrates our shared cultural heritage and values as a positive and cohesive force for Europe and its citizens. As this year also marks Beethoven’s 250th anniversary, we encourage citizens from Europe and across the Globe to make their own Ode to Joy by sharing on social media their reinterpretations recorded at home or at a heritage site that occupies a special place in their heart. While posting, don't forget to use the #Ode2Joy hashtag so that we can view and share your entries! In the past two years, already around 200 reinterpretations were shared! More information and inspiration can be found here.
Human Chain - Join the first European digital human chain on 9 May and give your hand to two European neighbours on Europe Day! As European values, principles and existence are being questioned, many citizens want Europe to continue and to improve. On Europe Day, let us show that we stand in solidarity among European citizens. Let us hold hands to show our desire for the European adventure to continue. Register until 9 May at 18:00.
#EuropeOnMyBalcony - #70Schuman, a youth-led initiative placed under the high patronage of the European Parliament, is inviting everyone to celebrate Europe Day and the 70 years of European integration since the Schuman Declaration from home! On 9 May, go to your balcony and wave a European flag, play the Ode to Joy and celebrate Europe Day with your neighbours. Record your celebration and post it on Twitter or as an Instagram story, tag @70Schuma, @juveucan and add the hashtag #EuropeOnMyBalcony.
#HoldingTogether - DAFNE (Donors and Foundations Network of Europe) has launched the FOCUS: Philanthropy contest, a Europe-wide photo contest that tells visual stories of the people behind philanthropy and how they work for a better Europe. There are many stories of how people and foundations across Europe come together to help and support each other but these are rarely the subject of mainstream reporting. Showcase European solidarity and submit your story by 31 May 2020.
IMPORTANT: Do not forget to join & contribute to our conversation on social media with the hashtag #EuropaNostraAgora on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook! We also invite you to follow the just-launched Twitter account of the European Heritage Alliance!
Europe Day: 70 years of Solidarity - The European Parliament and other EU Institutions are organising a digital Europe Day, bringing people together in this time of crisis by highlighting the sense of solidarity and emphasising what the EU is doing to help. Among the highlights, Parliament President David Sassoli is scheduled to take part in a live debate on Saturday morning, with interpretation into various languages. Other events include a Facebook live with Parliament Vice-Presidents Othmar Karas and Katarina Barley, video messages from the leaders of the political groups, a virtual visit to the plenary chamber in Brussels and a panel discussion on Schuman and his vision for Europe. Follow the celebrations live via the European Parliament’s Facebook page.
Europe Day Webinar “Our Cultural Heritage is more than the memory of our past. It is the key to our future!” - On 9 May at 14:00 - 16:00 CET, a webinar dedicated to Digital Cultural Heritage is organised, bringing together two of the smallest island nations of the EU – Malta and Cyprus. Some of the topics being covered in this webinar include the contribution of digitization in the preservation, interpretation and valorization of Cultural Heritage, the current challenges being faced by cultural Heritage due to the COVID19 pandemic, the way forward in terms of harnessing the digital potential in Cultural Heritage and collaboration on an EU level. Speakers and registration here.
Online Debate “Europe at Break: Time for a Citizens’ EU!” - CIVICO Europa is organising an online debate on Europe Day on 9 May 2020 at 15:00 (CET), together with CIVICO Europa's friends. The aim of this webinar is to discuss how our European democracy can be more inclusive and involve citizens into more participatory forms, and how we can build a transnational European public space for a permanent democratic process in Europe.The debate will be moderated by Guillaume Klossa (CIVICO Europa founder) and will include, among others, the participation of Paul Dujardin (Art Historian, Director-General of BOZAR and Chair of Europa Nostra Belgium). More speakers and registration here.
Le Dimore del Quartetto: Brief History of the String Quartet - Simone Gramaglia (artistic director of Le Dimore del Quartetto and Archipelago, as well as the viola of the Quartetto of Cremona) together with Chiara Lijoi (project coordinator for Le Dimore del Quartetto and musicologist) will conduct three episodes about the string quartet world, discovering composers and repertoire through stories and anecdotes.
  • #1 THE CLASSICISM - In the shadow of the Enlightenment on Saturday 9 May at 17:00
    Guest: Nuccio Ordine, scholar
  • #2 THE ROMANTICISM - Overwhelmed by the Sturm und Drang on Saturday 16 May at 17:00
    Guest: Cristiano Gualco (Quartetto di Cremona)
  • #3 THE 20th CENTURY - Music in the time of Technology on Saturday 23 May at 17:00
    Guest: Mauro Bonazzi, philosopher

The episodes will be broadcast live on the Fondazione Giorgio Cini's YouTube channel. At the end of the episode, it will be possible to ask questions and interact with the hosts and guests.
Europeana Communicators webinar: Culture From Home - Libraries - This webinar on 12 May (10:00 - 11:00) highlights some of the ways libraries are turning online to engage with audiences while the institutions themselves are closed. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions to the inspiring speakers, under the moderation of Dr Susan Hazan, co-chair of Europeana Communicators. Following the formal webinar, there will be a ‘tana libera tutti’ - an extension to the session in which participants can remain on the call and continue the discussions together. Discover the speakers and register here.
Culture Cares International Conference: Cultural Participation and Well-being - Amateo annual conference is going online for the first time and will take place on 14-15 May 2020 on Zoom. As the importance of cultural engagement on health and well-being is often overlooked by the general and professional publics, the conference aims to show how culture is changing the lives of individuals and society. This is even more important in these self-isolation times, as many emerging artistic initiatives help alleviate the stress of quarantine, and give people inspiration. Through inspiring keynote speakers, roundtable discussions and workshops you can learn more about the striking impact of creative and cultural activities and the opportunities for collaboration between the participatory arts and health & wellbeing sectors. More information and registration here.
EUROPE DAY MANIFESTO “Cultural Heritage: a powerful catalyst for the future of Europe” - Today, the Europe Day Manifesto of the European Heritage Alliance,
a platform gathering 50 major European and international heritage networks and coordinated by Europa Nostra, was released. This Manifesto aims to encourage European leaders and citizens to place culture and cultural heritage, together with education, at the heart of Europe’s recovery and revival. The Manifesto puts forward 7 of the most important ways in which cultural heritage can act as a catalyst for positive change in times of adversity. Read and show your support by signing the Manifesto here.
European Union: Coronavirus Global Response - The European Union and partners have launched an international pledging marathon which started on Monday 4 May 2020 and will run until the end of May 2020. The aim is to gather significant funding to ensure the collaborative development and universal deployment of diagnostics, treatments and vaccines against coronavirus. The European Commission already registered €7.4 billion in pledges from donors worldwide during the Coronavirus Global Response pledging event. Hermann Parzinger, Executive President of Europa Nostra, has recorded a video message to applaud and support the pledging initiative. He states that “the COVID19 pandemic has shown that dangerous and contagious viruses know no frontiers, no barriers. We are all affected. Also the world of culture and cultural heritage. This is why we must all join forces to defeat this virus. May the entire world show that also generosity and solidarity know no frontiers.”
European Parliament - At its meeting on 4 May, the Committee on Culture and Education debated with EU Commissioners Mariya Gabriel and Thierry Breton of the Union's short- and medium-term response to the crisis. MEPs stressed that the damage to the cultural and creative sector – especially for small businesses and individual actors – meant “more than just jobs being lost”, therefore the EU needs to quickly and directly support those affected, said Culture and Education Committee Chair Sabine Verheyen. The two Commissioners shared the view that EU culture and values had to be preserved “at all costs” and told MEPs that an EU support plan for the cultural and creative sector was under way, as part of the wider EU recovery plan. More information and replay of the debate here.
The Future of Culture and Creative sectors in post-COVID-19 Europe - In a joint statement, Culture Action Europe and the European Cultural Foundation urge the European Parliament, European Commission and the Member States to recognise the cultural and creative sectors as an integral part of the economic, social and environmental recovery plan for Europe within the next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF 2021-2017), and to support the cultural and creative sector with at least 7% of the Recovery Fund over the first programming years. Both organisations also plea for mainstreaming culture across the MFF and ensuring that the next Creative Europe programme is strengthened with a doubled financial envelope. Read the statement here.
NEMO: Interactive map of museum re-openings across Europe - After getting an overview of the impact that COVID-19 has had on museums and how they are reacting to and coping with the pandemic, NEMO has investigated the re-opening of museums in Europe. With the help of NEMO's members, the network has created an interactive map that gives a quick overview of European countries' plans to re-open museums to the public. By clicking on one of the countries, you may find additional information about the current situation for museums, advice about security measures and their digital strategies.
Creatives Unite - on 5 May the European Commission has launched a new platform to help artists, performers and others working in the cultural and creative sectors share information and potential measures more easily during the current coronavirus crisis. The launch of the platform, run and curated by Creative FLIP, is a follow-up to the EU Culture Ministers’ video conference of 8 April during which EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel announced the initiative. It gives access in one single space to the multitude of existing resources and numerous relevant networks and organisations. It also offers a curated space to co-create and upload contributions towards finding solutions together. More information is available here.
European Archaeological Heritage Prize 2020: Call for nominations - Since 1999, this Prize is awarded annually for an outstanding contribution to the generation of archaeological heritage knowledge and its dissemination, and to the protection, presentation and enhancement of the European archaeological heritage. Nominations for the Prize can be submitted in one of the two categories: individual category or institutional category. The 2020 European Archaeological Heritage Prize will be awarded during the Opening Ceremony of the 26th EAA Annual Meeting in Budapest, Hungary, on 28 August 2020. Deadline: 1 June 2020.
Europeana Generic Services projects: Call for applications - The European Commission recently published a new call that allocates €3 million to support cultural heritage institutions to open up their collections, apply technological innovations and make best use of Europeana in their public activities. Proposals for the call must address both objectives of content aggregation and use of innovative technologies. The call strongly encourages applications with a focus on highly accurate 3D models (such as monuments, buildings and museum objects). Deadline: 12 May. Check tips from Europeana here.
Culture of Solidarity Fund - The European Cultural Foundation has launched the Culture of Solidarity Fund - in partnership with other foundations - to support imaginative cultural initiatives - big or small - that reinforce solidarity and the notion of Europe as a shared public space in response to the current crisis and its aftershocks. It is open to individuals, collectives and organisations from all sectors and civil society at large. The first window of applications closed on 27 April and the new round will be announced in May! On 9 May, the European Cultural Foundation will release its Common Ground Europe Day Magazine and publish many inspiring European stories, clips, films, research, artworks, documentaries, campaigns, performances, debates on-line on the platform
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