Covid-19 RA Requirements
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Info Update 2020/27                                                         Issue Date: 14/05/2020
Covid-19 Risk Assessment Requirements
As the Government nudges the economy back into action with the first tentative moves this week there has been many comments in the media and in briefings about the employer’s duty of care. This is nothing new of course and you will all know about the duty you have to maintain a work place that is as safe as is reasonably practicable to achieve. What is new this week are the latest government guidance and these can be accessed through the following links. 
The Key documents relating to returning to work are:
‘Our Plan to Rebuild: The UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy’
‘Working Safely with Coronavirus (COVID-19)’

We have previously provided you with a raft of advisory e-mail updates and hope you have found these useful. One area you might wish to know about is that we take our advice a few steps further for our ongoing clients who engage us for unlimited advice and guidance on a more bespoke basis through an annual service contract. For these clients we have provided specific guidance on Risk Assessments dealing with the return to work process and how you might set in place reasonably practicable control measures that will protect your workforce from becoming infected with Covid-19. We have today updated a Return To Work Tool-box Talk and issued a comprehensive Risk Assessment document that our clients can amend and tailor to their own unique circumstances.

We recognise that these are primarily written for application within the non-care sector. Those working in social care and healthcare sectors will of course have existing documents dealing with Infection Control which is essentially what a Covid-19 Infection control risk assessment falls into. Where these already exist you might find useful content within our new updated documents to add to your existing procedures, arrangements and documents.

There are two ways we can make these available to you.
Firstly you can make a one off purchase (£30.00 + VAT) to receive both documents.
Alternatively you could take out an annual subscription to our on-line document library containing hundreds of templates and guidance all to do with Health and Safety, Employment Law / HR and Food Hygiene. This will of course include our Covid-19 guidance documentation. The annual fee for this is £125.00 + VAT.
If on the other hand you would like to discuss taking out a full service contract where bespoke support is available do contact us through And we would be delighted to speak with you.

Any feedback you wish to provide will also be very useful – so if you have a spare minute or two please drop us a quick e-mail.

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