A work site again in turmoil!
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A work site again in turmoil!
After a spring edition disrupted by the health crisis, Plein phare resumes its seasonal rhythm to greet the arrival of summer and a work site in turmoil once again.

For this 13th edition of the Calais Port 2015 newsletter, we invite you to a quick overview of the key works of the project, carried out at the beginning of June, with a focus on the Front de Mer building, the most advanced of the site.

Also take a look at the elegant bridge no. 6 and to the first few meters of the gigantic piercap of P11 and P12 berths. And discover the asphalt plant once again ready to produce enough to cover the dozens of hectares of land and roads required for future terminals.

The Société des Ports du Détroit team wishes you a great summer.

Laurent Devulder
Chief Executive Officer
Société des Ports du Détroit
a video of the construction site

Zoom on the Building
"Front de Mer"
Watch the video
Work progress on buildings 
Technical units, aubets but also reception, passenger services buildings... All Calais Port 2015 buildings are being built.
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Road works resumed
Road work resumed and the asphalt mixing plant restarted to produce 150,000 tons of asphalt mix still be laid. 
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A little technique
Stiffening the P11 and P12 berths structure with a pier cap.
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What’s at stake
No.6 bridge designed
for road safet.
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In the next issue:
Update on
link-spans for vehicles
The latest Xblocs® on the breakwater
Local economy boosted by Calais Port 2015
More information about Calais Port 2015
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Question time
["Société des Ports du Détroit"]
["Société des Ports du Détroit"]
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