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News from YIP - March 2020
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Dear friends of YIP,
Greetings from Ytterjarna.
As the Yippies travel across the world to meet their internships in Brasil, Canada, Egypt, Nepal, the Phillipines, the USA and Zimbabwe, the organizing team returns our beautiful campus in Sweden.
For the Yippies its a time of expanding horizions, learning about new organizations, and practicing new ways of working and being. 
We invite this spirit of expansiveness and newness in as we look forward to designing the next YIP year. It is a time for reviewing, questioning, collecting feedback, revisiting purpose and grounding in YIP's mission to provide a platform for people to unfold their potential and be of service to the world. 
In many places, it seems the spring flowers have come earlier than imagined. While excitement builds for spring, we focus on planning, organizing and seeding the ground for the months and generations to come. 
We hope you enjoy this newsletter, which ends with invitations to hear about YIP13's design and to become a University Ambassador.
In this newsletter you will find: 
- Leaving Findhorn written by Kensho Toyota
- Open Masters written by Adela Honlgova
- Storytelling written by Elfine Radwanski
- Initiative Forum written by Michael McMahon
- YIP13 Curriculum Open Call invitation written by YIP Organizing team 
- YIP University Ambassador Invitation written by Isabel Chender
- Apply now for Yip13 written by Annie Meijer and Isabel Chender
Leaving Findhorn
For five weeks, we explored community living and collaboration in an eco village in Scotland called the Findhorn Foundation.

Leaving Findhorn for our Internships marked the end of our Outpost period in Scotland but it also marked the halfway point of YIP.

Looking back, it passed in a flash but then again, it feels much longer. One of the things I’ve come to realise about YIP is that the concept of time becomes muddled and mixed. Like a day feels like a week and a week passes like a day.

Leaving Findhorn also meant YIP12 would disperse into small groups all around the world. After living together for five months, creating our own community and settling into each other’s rhythms, it was a big step into the unknown, out of the comfort of being held by the group.

II noticed two different emotions that came up. One was the sadness of knowing that in a way, this was a warm up for when the program will be over and we will all leave Ytterjärna. The other was excitement to find out how much I have gained from YIP and to convey my growth into action.

Leaving Findhorn was for me the turning point from planning to acting.
Written by Kensho Toyota
Open Masters
with Alan Webb and Sarah Bradley
We started the week of Open Masters with Alan and Sarah by getting to know a little bit about them and their backgrounds. They talked us through the history and emergence of popular education and introduced the course. Throughout the week we discussed education and beyond, engaged with our own learning journey(s) and supported each other in the process. We also moved and expressed ourselves in different ways, we sang a bit and we engaged in games based on the Theatre of the Oppressed.
As the week went on the room was divided into multiple parts. Firstly, it was split into halves. On one side we put sticky notes with all the negative learning experiences we had, on the other side we listed our positive learning experiences.  After that a discussion followed - Where do we see these in our everyday lives? What do they have in common ? Why does it work, why does it not? What needs to change/shift for it to become better?
The next day the room turned into thirds to represent the three lenses which change can be approached with – challenging the dominant system, building community and personal growth. We walked through each segment, coming up with examples from the group, seeing which one we naturally gravitate towards, which one we tend to brush off and how can we challenge ourselves to try something different next time.
Last but not least, the room was divided into quadrants, a.k.a. four seasons. We found ourselves walking around the room again, wondering - Where do I find myself? Am I in the winter – questioning, planning, analysing? Am I in the spring – finalising plans and preparing to step into action? Am I in the summer – in the midst of action, doing, building, connecting? Am I in the autumn – celebrating and harvesting? Or am I somewhere in-between, on one of the transitions?
As for engaging with our learning journeys, each one of us made a Wayfinder Mandala at the beginning of the week to establish what is present for us, what we want to let go of and what we want to invite more of (be it knowledge, relationships, important questions or practical next steps). We worked with it throughout the week and as the end of the week approached, we moved towards more concrete. It was time for us to name our North Stars, choose one and write down the stepping stones that could lead us towards it.
The aim was to make it as realistic and practical as if we were to start tomorrow – frustrating for some, exciting for others, challenging for all. And so, we did. Does it align with my purpose/direction? Does it give me financial stability? Does it help me build skills/knowledge? Keeping in mind that the answer doesn’t always have to be ‘yes’ to all of the above at the same time, that it is rather about finding the balance between these, we wrote our steps down. Short term, long term, depending. At the end we had a ‘vision board’ of a possible journey. One of many, but a start, something to go back to when in doubt, something to make us feel accountable.
And so, we learned that it is a good idea to build our next stepping stones around the ‘but’ of where we want to go (“I really want to do this but ---.”). We also learned that praxis means action and reflection at the same time. We learned to ask for support, ideas and connections within our immediate community and beyond. And lastly, we learned to ask 
ourselves “What’s the one peak that I can climb now so I can see further?”
*Sometimes we’re in the woods lost and looking for the next clue to get somewhere.
**Sometimes we are on top, overlooking the scenario, seeing what’s possible, where do/can I go next?
Written by Adela Honlgova
with Roi Gal'Or
As to be expected, a course in Storytelling with Roi Gal-Or has much more layers than you’d imagine ... It produces unexpected pearls. I tried to gather some thoughts, experiences and words that stayed in my mind.
Most days we started with some games and playfulness and then later on dove into stories.
We closed our eyes and Imagined being one of the characters.
Fellow story tellers could then ask :
"Who are you? What clothes do you wear? What is your voice like? What are your dreams ?
We could also think of a moment in the story that speaks to us and associate with a personal memory.
Later on we closed our eyes and Imagined being one of the characters.
Fellow story tellers could then ask :
"Who are you? What clothes do you wear? What is your voice like? 
Some quotes and inspiration that stick with me from the week are: 
"The story chooses us just like the wand chooses it’s wizard."
“"Every story has its own medicine. Perhaps it takes time before you learn to love it"
"The mind is the smallest room in the house” 
Written by Elfine Radwanski
Initiative Forum 
...”so you want it or no?”
“I don’t k...”
“We have don’t have much time. “
I’m aware of that, I think I’ll have...”
“Michael, just make a decision.”
“Fine! Yes! Yes, I’ll take it...”
Indeed, indecision is rife when presented with just so many ways to move forward. Possibilities extend as endless, spiralling corridors lined with endless, opening doorways. Perhaps they don’t open at all, and I become locked out of what would be glorious opportunity, forever in the space between yes and no? How can a man choose just one? There are just too many flavours of pastel.
Of course, internships would be quite different if that were the biggest of our worries, but I thought it was worth a mention.
Preparing for Initiative Forum across many time zones with various internet accessibility has been challenging — no meetings, no ways to be in the same space. It’s easy to feel alone in the process, especially as some of us do not have easy access to computers. However, I don’t believe I take too much of a risk by saying that we are coping with the hurdles in front of us. It’s a real opportunity to hold so many things: being engaged in the beautiful place you are in, looking after your own objectives, being part of a small group, and holding the creation of initiative forum. We’re getting closer every day to having everything set up, and to opening our doors. Group chats are furiously active. It’s exciting how close we are!
If you’re thinking of buying tickets, but haven’t gotten round to it yet, don’t worry! There’s still time
Early bird tickets are still available until March 15th.
If you’re unable to come, or just wondering how to help out, here’s a few things you could do:
1. Spread the word.
It sounds obvious I know, but sharing our website and social media around with your friends helps a lot! We know some alumni are already returning and we hope to see and meet even more of you.

We have just created an invitation video which is on the homepage of our website
If you have any questions or would like flyers to spread the word, please write to initiativeforum@yip.network

2.Donate to our accessibility fund.
We are doing our best to make our Initiative Forum as accessible to everyone as it can be. However, we know we are long way from where we should be. Any donations will go directly to help fund tickets of people who can’t otherwise afford it. This has been a subject we have discussed at length this year. We feel it’s important to recognise Initiative Forum is not equally accessible for everyone, and we are trying our best to change that
 Written by Michael McMahon

YIP13 Curriculum Open Call invitation 
Over the past few weeks the YIP organizing team has been working to design the curriculum for YIP13.
We connect to the bigger purpose of why YIP exists, who it serves, what we hope people leave YIP with and design backwards. It is an exciting time where we sense into what is needed now for future Yippies. Dreamy, playful, practical, structured, slow, fast - its a time review and regeneration. 
In this moment, we would love to open to our network friends and invite in more voices. 

Please join us as we share a first draft of the new curriculum: 
March 12th from 17-19h  Sweden time.
The main purpose of the call is to share our excitement with YIP's network and provide an overview of the curriculum as it has now evolved.
We feel its important to reach out to our network and show what we have been working with.
The nature of the call will be informational with space for specific feedback questions and reflections.
If you would like to join, please send your email to : info@yip.se.
We will send a call link and an agenda of what we will cover and have dialogue around. 
If you have further questions or ideas, please feel free to contact info@yip.se.
Written by Isabel Chender
Call for University Ambassadors
Yippies come from many different places. As we continue outreach for YIP13, we want to continue to make YIP more accessible to people across the world who would benefit and bring their gifts to the program.
One of our new outreach channels is to create YIP University Ambassadors.
We have noticed that while some are being supported in their learning through universities, many are looking for a program like YIP.
If you are currently studying or connected to a university, we would love to share with you materials that tell the story of YIP so that you can help us reach more people connected to universities.
The idea is simple.
Send your email to info@yip.se and we will send a pdf package of materials.
The package contains a slide show, flyer, our new handbook and email templates that will support you to spread the word about what YIP is, who its is for, what the experience is like, and what we hope people gain by attending the program.
If you are connected to networks other than universities and would like to spresd the word, please feel free to reach out as well. Are there other channels or places we shoudl send this package? We would love to hear suggestions of more people, places, and organizations. 
If you have questions, please do not hesitiate to get in touch 
Written by Isabel Chender
YIP13 Applications 
Did anyone read the great article Nil wrote for the YNN, YIP alumni’s newsletter?
He told the story about how he found YIP ( after a Balkan concert in Istanbul!) and spoke about the power of story and referrals. Many of those who attend YIP come because they know someone in our network.
Applications are coming in and we are hoping to find our next 30 Yippies for the 2020-2021 year.
Do you remember how you found out about YIP?
Become a storyteller and share the magic of how you found YIP so we can continue to provide a place for people questioning in today's world. 
In the next newsletter, you will find:
- Internship highlights
- Initiative Forum invitations
- Applications update
-  Welcome to YIP12 spring team
- YIP13 Design Updates 
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