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May 11th, 2020 | Issue 7
After releasing our special edition Coronavirus mental health resource newsletter in mid-march, we are now back to our regularly scheduled newsletter (or as regular as things can be nowadays). We're bringing you both virus focused and other types of content in hopes of striking a balance on the types of resources we all need right now. As always, please reply with questions, feedback, or topics you'd like to see us cover in the future. We love to hear from you!
Useful Mental Health Related Links
NPR Life Kit, an often cited resource in our newsletter, has been putting out great mental health content related to COVID-19. This piece offers tips for coping with uncertainty from people who have experienced hardship under other circumstances.
We've teamed up with licensed therapist Emma McAdam to offer a course that can teach you have to give effective peer-to-peer support and certifies you as a peer-to-peer support specialist. If you've wanted to help others cope with mental health issues but have been unsure how, this course can teach you the skills. 
A free, 3-day online event featuring dozens of well known speakers sharing expert advice, straight talk, personal stories and ideas. Register and tune in for the event starting May 22nd.
The Center for Disease Control has a helpful guide and list of resources for coping with your own stress and stress in children caused by COVID-19.
Small counselor-led support groups can be a great low-cost option for therapy. Psychology Today has a helpful support group locator based on region and many groups are doing video based meetings right now. 
We are getting bombarded with stressing, sad, and frightening news stories lately. But this website helps you remember there are good things happening in the world. Scrolling through these headlines will make you feel a little lighter.
According to a recent study, watching your favorite TV shows, reading books, and listening to music you love can help you fulfill critical social needs like real-world connections do. This study also goes into several other ways to fulfill your need for social connection during this time.
I Am is a simple app that sends you positive affirmations to repeat to yourself.See the little notifications saying "I love myself." and "I am capable." act as a small boost and can break negative thought patterns. It is available for iPhone and Android
NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) has a list of hundreds stories people have shared about their experience with mental illness. You can read stories and share your own for Mental Health Awareness Month.
From Our Community - How to Cope with Anxiety
18percent's community members have so much insight and kindness to share...a few months ago, we asked for tips on how to cope with anxiety, and here are some responses.
" Following a morning routine has helped with managing my anxiety!
Simply making it a priority to spend the first few moments of my day in a state of gratitude and with a tiny plan, makes the day ahead seem less daunting. It feel way less tense than mornings that I jump right into emails or social media. My morning routine includes a lot more now, but when I started out it was just, listing out 3 things I am grateful for, deciding on 1 affirmation for the day & listing out my top 3 to do's.
"When dealing with anxiety, I get outdoors and start walking. I’ll also clean and read a lot to keep myself busy. "
 "The things that best help me through anxiety, is my faith. But for those who don’t want to participate in the faith, (i’m not judging, it is ultimately your choice) I find that taking a step back from everything for one minute and just taking a couple deep breaths does wonders. “
For next issue's question, let us know - What methods have worked for you to ease stress and anxiety about COVID-19? Reply directly to this email to chime in. 
And lastly, some mental health humor...
Being antisocial is a new thing for me....right...
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