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Info Update 2020/10                                                         Issue Date: 25/03/2020
Covid 19 Template Letters
Following yesterday’s Update on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme we have drafted a template letter to send/give to employees you may have designated as being ‘Furloughed’. Whilst the mechanics of how you process the refund from HMRC are as yet unknown and the exact description of what constitutes the figure the 80% relates to is somewhat unclear you may need to get Furlough underway now.

There will be employment law and employment contract issues you need to accommodate when putting employees on Furlough so always take advice before launching into it. Our HR clients can call us 24/7 on this of course. If you are not an HR client but use our H&S or Food Hygiene services we would not object to a call or two on Covid-19 related matters to help you through these unchartered waters. If you are not a Sentient client but want to speak with us about this please use the contact details at the bottom of this message.

Key Worker
Additionally, we have drawn up a letter you may wish to give to employees who are continuing to work at their normal place of work on the basis that they are key workers. We have heard that, in on case in a London head office that Police have already told one member of staff left manning the phones when all others are working from home that they are not key workers.  There will be more clarity on how this expression is interpreted as time unfolds. It will be inevitable that some staff will have to go to the workplace and for now, having a letter setting out why might just assist them in case they are challenged about their movements.

Both letters are available to clients on our web site and are as relevant as we can see at the moment (Sentient clients will need to use their individual login details to access them).  We may need to change them in light of developments so please always use the version on the website rather than down load and save on your own IT systems. 
The advice and comment in this update is not meant to be an authoritative statement of the law. The articles and summaries should not be applied to any specific set of facts and circumstances without seeking further advice. Whilst every care is taken to ensure that the content is correct Sentient cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of statements made nor the result of any actions taken by individuals after reading such.
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