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Info Update 2020/08                                                         Issue Date: 19/03/2020
Sentient Update
Hello there
What a strange business world we are in. Stating the Covid obvious I know.
We are very pleased that you are included on our Information Update circulation list.  We thought it might assist you to know that in this fast changing environment, where the framework of rules our businesses have to operate within seems to change daily, we at Sentient are striving hard to make sure that it is business as usual.
Currently we are all well and are able to operate from our usual office base. We have of course adopted a number of very simple measures that increase social distancing between colleagues and we are determined to remain open for normal business. That way we can help all our clients through this difficult period.
If you think we can help then please feel able to make a call or two to us. As you might guess our advice lines are currently red-hot with Covid-19 related issues and we are keen to find solutions that help to preserve the long-term viability of businesses. It’s tough to say but a reality, that measures employers might be dealing with or considering include:
  • Lay-off without pay (Save for statutory guaranteed pay)
  • Short-time working
  • Redundancies
  • Working from home
  • Taking holiday or unpaid leave.
  • Self-isolation matters
  • Statutory Sick pay changes
  • Emergency leave for child care.
We are well versed with these so if we can help you through things give us a call. Just quote Info-update Covid support using the contact number below.
We will all get through this and the impact on business will be varied and in some instances, we know some very hard employment decisions will have to be taken. We will strive to help make them as manageable as possible.
From all at Sentient.
The advice and comment in this update is not meant to be an authoritative statement of the law. The articles and summaries should not be applied to any specific set of facts and circumstances without seeking further advice. Whilst every care is taken to ensure that the content is correct Sentient cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of statements made nor the result of any actions taken by individuals after reading such.
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