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March 2nd, 2020 | Issue 5
We're back with another newsletter! This month we are engaging audience participation by asking a question. You’ll see this month's question at the end of the newsletter. Reply with your thoughts! If you have any other feedback on our newsletter let us know! As always, we're here for you  ❤️
News in Mental Health
Mental Health America's annual "State of Mental Health in America" report is out. The numbers aren't great overall, but hopefully it can continue to move forward the conversation on the need for better mental health support.
Hospitality work is demanding, stressful, and anxiety provoking. For too long mental health in this industry has been on the back burner (pun intended?). Here are some organizations doing something about it. 
Snapchat is experimenting with a new feature that will show up in search results for mental health related topics for those who may need support. So far, it seems like a light effort, but more will be added.
Helpful Resources
Ever been in a situation where you need to be there for a friend and don't know how to best help? This guide can help. 
Calm Harm is a beautiful app that can help you "ride the wave" when an urge to self-harm arises and guides you through coping techniques.
An animated video that walks you through the "spacing exercise" - training yourself to take up more space so that you stop feeling like you're worth less than others
From Our Community
18percent's community members have so much insight and kindness to share...here are some highlights.
Supporting Others and Supporting Yourself
I think the hardest part of supporting loved ones is the realization that we cannot save...we can only support. And that means very often having the strength to sit helplessly and still with them in their despair and suffering. That is very hard. And it feels like we're doing nothing. But it is a VERY powerful thing to have someone holding your hand in the darkness of your depression. You are NOT doing nothing. Even when there is nothing you can do. As someone who is supporting, it's extremely important that YOU do good self care. And know how to get enough rest, recreation (yes, you're allowed to have fun!), nourishment, and space (yes, you can and should take space sometimes...so that you can support as strong and sure as she needs you to!). Self care is critical for supporters and doing that means you WON'T burn out and you'll be able to be there for the long haul.
What coping techniques have you found helpful for anxiety?
This month, we are asking our readers to reply with their insights and thoughts on the community question above!  What about a question for next month? Reply to this email with your response to the question above or a question for next month and we will anonymously feature responses in the next issue.
Free Emotional Support
The Shine Initiative engages youth voice on mental health, provides resources for support, and works every day to normalize the mental health conversation. Our Mindmatters app is a free, customizable emotional support app for when you need a quick pick-me-up
Download the app
And lastly, some mental health humor...
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