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Neha, from our Organisational Development team, has written about culture and why is it so critical for any organisation. Do read to know more about our values, principles and what makes us special.
Education in the times of a pandemic.
RTE; Right to Excuses? Maharashtra is holding up RTE admissions even as the new academic session is scheduled to start soon. Private schools in Karnataka are demanding clearance of past dues before they'll admit RTE students this year. 
Economics > Education Parents across the country are helpless to move their kids from private schools to government ones. Some states are even actively making it easier for them to do so.
Bright Spots. UP will pay a fixed monthly amount to the children of labourers to keep them focused on their studies while Kerala continues to set the pace towards online education for even RTE students.
Policy & its impact.
We're not done yet. The government has announced a special employment package for returning migrants which should be quickly followed by the extension of the ongoing free food scheme as demanded by several states. 
The busiest Supreme Court in the world has decided to wait till July before taking a call on wage payments for workers during the lockdown. This contrasts to some states still not officially sharing the changes in their labour laws.

The current set up of keeping workers as contractors is riddled with corruption and bad incentives. There is hope for better days soon though with the government contemplating sweeping changes to our Social Security Code.
What about other countries? Trying to cut spending as the pandemic reduces tax revenue, some governments are finding it easier to lift or add restraints towards subsidies. 
Togo, one of the smallest African countries, seems to have it all figured out.
And Finally.
Filmed over 13 years, this short film presents a coming-of-age story of an African-American boy who attends an elite Manhattan prep school.
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