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June 23, 2020 Board Meeting Wrap-up
Thank you to all who attended the monthly Chamber board meeting at Vigilante Hall. There were both Chamber members and non-members present.
Here is an informal wrap-up for you:
Red Ribbon Cutting Committee Report – Due to the stay-at-home there have been no ribbon cuttings but we would like to encourage businesses to have one. Ribbon cuttings can be done to celebrate, not only a business opening, but anniversaries and re-openings as well. For more details see the information on the Chamber web page or contact the Chamber Office.
Christmas Committee Report – Barring any restrictions by the state; Christmas activities are scheduled for the following dates: Christmas Tree Lighting 11/27/2020, Light Parade/Court House Luminaries 12/12/2020, Santa in the Park 12/19/2020 (Judging of Business Christmas lights 12/4-5/2020). *A signup reminder letter for the Christmas light parade will be going out soon.
Presidents Report – Over the stay-at-home period of time things were busier than you’d think:
  • I participated in the Cochise County Disaster Relief weekly conference calls. Topics covered related to critical areas of need and how to fill them.
  • I made many calls and had many discussions with our state leadership. The offices that engaged in conversations were from the following offices: Governor Duecy, Senator Kirkpatrick, Senator McSalley, Cochise County and the Arizona Commerce Authority.
  • Welcome 3 new members: Purgatory Leather, Copper Queen Hospital & Warrior Healing Center and 2 other new businesses have shown interest in joining.
  • Sales of limited edition commemorative coins have been going well. We casted 300 silver plated coins and there are only 181 available left for purchase. To order your coin go to Once again a HUGE thank you for the following members who sponsored this project:
    • ​Signature Sponsor: Bob Love - O.K. Corral**
      **Thank you to Bob Love/O.K. Corral for allowing temporary use of the O.K. Corral logo/image.
    • Co-Sponsors:
      Jim Lindsey - Silver Hills Trading Company
      Adam Klein - Arlene's
      David Bales - Tombstone Cowboy Church
      Susan Wallace/Goldstein Family - The Longhorn Restaurant - Tombstone AZ  
The Tombstone Chamber of Commerce Marketing Reach was enormous and generated much positive engagement during these last few months. Thru the office, email, personal messages and phone calls the Chamber staff engaged with thousands of potential visitors, not to mention the thousands of views, likes and comments on social media. People can’t wait to make plans to visit Tombstone!

The Annual Meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 10, mark your calendars! We look forward to seeing everyone at the annual meeting. As usual, it should be a fun opportunity to get together! This year there are two board seats up for re-election. Specifics to be announced soon.

Board Vacancy: Due to the resignation of Board Member Jim Lindsey there was a board vacancy which will be filled in accordance of the by-laws. Chris Douglas was confirmed as a representative of Helldorado Inc.
Some other topics that came up as a result of the 3 minutes open discussion:
  • Since February 26, 2020 your Chamber has provided information on the COVID situation. On March 30, 2020, for March 31, the Governor issued an order that promoted increased physical distancing, while encouraging social connectedness among citizens; which was followed by what is considered Phase 1. Since that time, The Tombstone Chamber has continued to aggressively promote Tombstone, including BOTH Chamber members and non-Chamber members for the benefit of the town, as well as, provide education on the COVID situation, following State of Arizona directives and those put out by the City of Tombstone. All directives can be found at and the City of Tombstone’s website. On May 12, after the cancelation of Wyatt Earp Days an email went out to the board about how to move forward on promotion of local activities (as permits were not being issued for events) the result of that email was consensus that The Chamber should continue to follow state and city directives and to continue to promote Tombstone in the manner which would follow current direction, “Don’t Cancel, Postpone…. 
  • The United States, and most of the world, has been affected greatly by the COVID-19 situation. No matter what an individual personal opinion is on the situation, each person’s own perception is their reality. Generally, Tombstone as a tourist destination, realizes that the effect could be more than in other places, not necessarily because of the virus itself but because of the travel restrictions and concerns of individuals. While The Tombstone Chamber is a professional organization that exists to promote the businesses and community it is also our responsibility to educate and care for those within the city and those who chose to visit so that our legacy of being the “Town Too Tough to Die” continues.
  • Since the original stay-at-home order expired, the Tombstone Chamber has removed the COVID specific page but many Chambers and cities have continued to provide current, factual, COVID status information. For current information please visit these Arizona located links.
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused changes that seemed unthinkable just a few months ago. In February 2020, it seemed unthinkable that practically the entire workforces of many countries would soon be working from home. It seemed unthinkable air travel would plummet by 96%.
What is thinkable and possible is how we continue to keep our community safe and our businesses open. Ignoring the fact that there is a Pandemic and that health concerns and travel restrictions, not only nationally but internationally could potentially be devastating to our town.
Now, more than ever, it is important to be proactive in business planning. While The Tombstone Chamber is here to supplement your efforts with our experience and connections, you are your biggest advocate and expert for your business, group or event. Communication, educaiton and consistency is the key; we are in this together #TombstoneUnited.
Susan Wallace, President
Tombstone Chamber of Commerce
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