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SO . . . NOW WHAT?
The Memorial Day Weekend traditionally (Pre-COVID) has ALWAYS been a great weekend for tourist/visitors to come to Tombstone AZ.     
This year there was some apprehension about who and how people would spend their time after several months of essentially "staying at home" with the COVID-19 situation.
Yet, even amid some concerns, all around the country, people left their homes and flocked to their favorite places to enjoy being "Out and About" and to spend time remembering those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms that we enjoy.
Thankfully Tombstone Arizona is one of those Favorite Places!     
Many visitors inquired (and are still asking) through the Chamber what Precautions by the City of Tombstone and by local businesses are being taken to protect themselves and their family.  
In traditional fashion, people came to Tombstone. Around town there were many familiar faces and while people expressed their disappointment (but understanding) about the cancellation of Wyatt Earp Days..after which was usually followed by the statement, "we came to support Tombstone anyway, and we will be back for Wyatt Earp Days next year!"
So here we are, the end of May 2020, we were fortunate to have been able to open for what is normally the last busy weekend of the busy season and salvage some sales before the traditionally less traveled summer months. 
We already know the ebb and flow of our travelers, for the rest of in 2020 we need to be even more aware of the travel environment, regardless of your personal views, public perception is reality. And without much in the way of bed tax or sales tax coming to the city from the last 3 months, its extremely important to be proactive in our own approach to marketing.
The Chamber will continue to engage people thru social media, the web site and from the office; here is a small snapshot of our reach for the first few months:
Check out the Chamber's Marketing Reach:
Or just visit the homepage of the Chamber at
An easy way for you to not only promote your own business, but help attract people to “Eat, Stay and Play” in Tombstone is to up your Businesses Online exposure.    Posting from your personal Facebook page is .  .  . nice - however it doesn't have the POWER and SEARCHABILITY that a post from your Business Facebook Page.
Post Often, Post Relevant, and stay away from contraversial subjects (this should go without saying).
If you need help or advice about your business Facebook page - please reach out to   
SO . . . NOW WHAT?
 Creating events for the sake of having an event with the idea of bringing visitors to town is:
  • Time & Volunteer Intensive
  • Visitor's will burn out
  • Volunteers will burn out
  • The Piece of the Pie for Business Donations is only so big.
What Are Other Tourist Destinations Doing?
Tombstone AZ isn't alone in this conundrum of thinking "SO... NOW WHAT?"   Towns accross America are all essentially in the same boat.   The businesses have reopened and ......
The general train of thought is to keep marketing... keep putting your town out there to anyone and everyone who listens that YOUR TOWN is the place to go, that it is a SAFE place to be, and keep marketing ALL that the town has to offer.   
Tombstone AZ makes a great day trip or a staycation for the other really really HOT cities in Arizona (and surrounding states).   Tombstone AZ is WAY cooler than Tucson, Phoenix, Yuma ... and on.   
 If we all work together promoting Tombstone AZ to be THE DESTINATION PLACE to be - the COOL PLACE  - people will travel ... and we could conceivable maintain a steady stream of people.
We are still in this together #tombstoneunited
Thank you,
Susan Wallace, President
Tombstone Chamber 
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