Checking in with our OS Family and announcing a powerful way to learn: One Stop's Writing Top Double-Double.
Elevate Your Storytelling
We don't believe in smashing a bottle of champagne to signal a new voyage, but we are handing out steaming mugs of black gold to welcome you to our first Double-Double. Becca and I are looking forward to sharing some of the nuggets that have helped us grow our craft and writing practices. Onward!
How to Finish What You Start
Struggle with finishing? You aren't alone. When the writing gets tough, sometimes we want to quit, or a shiny new idea tries to derail us. But it's important we see projects through as this is how we build a habit of finishing.
The next time you lose steam, move ahead in the story. In fact, try the final chapter. By writing the ending you see what life will be like for characters you have come to care about. Showing them happy, complete, and with goals achieved will re-incentivize you to hit your own goal, and give you something to write toward. 
Elevate Your Mindset
Okay, this tip is on the longer side, but it's timely: how to move forward when something BIG comes along to derail you.

Right now, you're juggling a heavy load: a lot of change, stress, anxiety, and grief over derailed plans, both writing and personal. Becca and I faced this at the end of last year when we had to navigate our partner's sudden exit from our business. It happened right before Christmas, so a busy time already. Our plans for 2020 changed in a blink and we suddenly had huge business decisions to make in a short time period, an internal audit to complete, company restructuring to do...all while grieving for the loss of a deeply valued partner and a changed future. Becca and I were at our limit...and then I got a call that my son had been hospitalized. So stress? Being faced with things outside my comfort zone? Difficulty coping? Yes, all of it. 
Here's what Becca and I learned: unexpected change is uncomfortable as it forces us to deal with situations we didn't expect, things potentially beyond our skill or knowledge, and that stretch our ability to cope. But we get through it by...
1) Acknowledging the change. (Don't run from it)
2) Processing the losses. (Grieve)
3) Finding the gains. (Change means two things: a loss and a gain)

So right now, we can acknowledge the unwelcome change that Covid-19 represents. Grieve over the loss of what you imagined life to look like by now. It's okay. You had plans, work looked a certain way, some personal and professional goals have been delayed, and there may be a financial strain that wasn't there before. Feel the heartache...and then work to release it. 

Once you process the loss, look forward to what you have
gained. Maybe there's more family time now or you're able to work on projects and interests important to you. There's a new opportunity to deepen connections with your children, a spouse or other loved ones. You can make time to reconnect with yourself and your own purpose because it's a busy, noisy world out there, and we can get lost in it. Maybe it's a good time for self-care and self-exploration. These are all gains.

Make a plan that revolves around maximizing these gains and you will feel yourself steadily regain control. Your feet will keep moving forward.
Covid-19 won't last forever, and it sucks, but maybe it can teach us to review our priorities and rediscover the things that are truly important to us. That is my hope for you, myself, and everyone. :)
We hope these tips help you master the keyboard and the author's mindset. See you next week!

Angela & Becca
Your One Stop librarians

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