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Thank you to our IEA colleagues!
A big thank you must go out to all of our IEA colleagues and members who have been an integral part of IEA running as smoothly as possible in the wake of COVID-19. We share some important updates related to IEA staff here.
Business continuity measures at IEA
The health and well-being of all, but especially of our members and colleagues, is of utmost importance to IEA. During these challenging and uncertain times, IEA is taking steps to try to minimize the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, while safeguarding the health of our staff and the people with whom we work.
Botswana Educational Achievement Monitor update
March saw the successful launch of IEA’s new BEAM initiative. As a response to restrictions imposed due to COVID-19, the difficult decision was made to postpone the workshop series, which was due to start in June, until BEC staff is allowed again to meet in groups, which will be essential for running the workshops.
Remembering John P. Keeves (1924-2020)
With the sad news of John P. Keeves' passing, we share some words on our website remembering John and his immense dedication and contribution to IEA and our international research network. Our thoughts are with John's family and friends.
WERA Visiting Researcher Awards 2020
The submission deadline for the WERA Visiting Researcher Award 2020 is approaching. In light of the COVID-19 situation, applicants can request to complete their research visits in the first half of 2021. Apply by 1st May 2020.
10 Things
To help while we are all homebound, we have curated 10 links to keep us all informed, entertained, and the cabin fever at bay:
Study Updates
  • March saw our first ever virtual NRC meeting for ICILS 2023, which we are happy to announce went smoothly using the GoToMeeting platform. During this meeting the European Commission confirmed its interest in financing the 2023 cycle of ICILS and plans to send out the call for funding in June.
  • TIMSS 2019 data cleaning and scaling are well underway and report preparation for the launch at the end of this year is moving ahead as planned. The final NRC meeting in June has been cancelled as an in-person meeting and we are currently evaluating virtual alternatives.
  • The PIRLS 2021 field test (FT) was impacted by the closing of schools however, we were lucky that the PIRLS FT started in several countries before the COVID-19 crisis caused schools to close. We will receive around 10,000 student records from 21 countries from the PIRLS FT, which is a considerable amount of data and will enable a good field test analysis. Furthermore, we are considering including COVID-19 optional questions within PIRLS 2021 background instruments.
  • The upcoming ICCS 2022 NRC meeting in May will also move to a virtual format. Conversations between IEA and ACER are being had to discuss possible implications to the timeline, given that we are moving into the field testing period. At present, we are hoping for field testing to go ahead in October as planned.
  • An announcement has been shared that the new 21CS MAP study has been postponed until November. This decision will have an impact on the study timeline and so we will be reaching out later in the year with updated timings.
  • Volume II of the Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) 2018 was successfully released by the OECD in March. IEA is proud to have worked as the international study center for TALIS, a study which focuses on the learning environment and working conditions of teachers in schools, with more than 45 education systems participating in the 2018 cycle.
  • OECD’s International Early Learning Child and Well-being Study (IELS) was also released in March. IELS is designed to help countries to improve children's early learning experiences, to better support their development and overall well-being.
This year, many of the conferences and events we were planning to attend, to exchange ideas and connect to colleagues from around the world, have been cancelled. As we move to virtual formats, IEA is exploring online opportunities where we can continue sharing insights and staying connected:
  • CIES changed to vCIES and IEA had the pleasure of participating in an online panel discussion in March. The online program is set to run until end of April. 
  • AERA, which was planned to take place in mid-April, was cancelled due to the challenges of transitioning to a virtual format but we look forward to future gatherings.
  • WERA announced the postponement of their July 2020 meeting to July 2021.
    IEA very much looks forward to participating in next year’s conference!
New Publications
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