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Returning to Practice
We've got some updates for you!
All the information below is very important regarding returning to practice. Please read this email in its entirety. Athletes will not be allowed to return to practice without completing the necessary steps.
Return to Practice Phases
Please read the Return to Activity Guidelines carefully. This is a fluid document and will be updated as necessary.
Phase 1: June 9, 10, 11, 16, 17
Phase 2: June 18, 23, 24, 25, 26
Phase 3: July 8, 9
Post-Phases: July 10, 11 & Camp (July 12-15)
Important Note: You must pre-register for practice prior to attending. Athletes will be assigned a practice time. Athletes may not just show up to practice.
Mandatory Meeting 
If you plan on attending any of our open practices this summer, both athletes and their parents must attend our mandatory virtual meeting. We will be taking attendance at each meeting.
Phase 1 Meeting: June 7
Phase 2 Meeting: June 16
Phase 3 Meeting: July 6
These meeting will be held virtually in our NEW Summer Practices BAND group (NOT the Virtual Pre-Season BAND group), which you will be invited to once you register for practices. Both parents and athletes should download the app, as there will be a parent group as well. 
Required Practice Registration
All athletes must register for practices and will be assigned a practice time. Please register separately below for each phase. Participation in any practice is voluntary. Athletes may not simply show up to practice.
Phase 1 RegistrationCloses June 7
Phase 2 Registration: Closes June 16
Phase 3 Registration: Closes July 6
Before Your First Practice
All athletes must have all the following completed prior to attending their first practice:
1. CUSD COVID Summer Waiver - must turn in at your first practice
2. CUSD Acknoweldgement of Risk - must turn in at your first practice
3. All Register My Athlete paperwork except for your physical - must be completed the night before your first practice
UCA Masters Camp July 12-15
If you are already registered for camp: Please review the list of Current Camp Registrations and make sure your information is correct.
If you are not registered for camp but would like to get registered: Because of COVID-19, we have been able to extend the deadline of camp registration to Sunday, May 31 at 11:59PM. Please complete our Camp Registration Form before the deadline to be added to our list.
Camp Payments
Please review the Payment Instructions Form. All dates and deadlines must be strictly adhered to.
Varsity Fashion Order: Due June 5
Bling N Ink Order: Due TBD
Marianne's Creations Order: Due TBD
Camp Payment: Due TBD
Important Information: If you are not already registered for camp and are registering by the May 31 deadline, we will need to get you sized and added to our Varsity Fashion Order immediately so that you can get your camp apparel.
In case you missed our email regarding camp FAQ's, please click here.
Any other questions?
We will be answering your questions during our mandatory meeting on June 7. Please submit any questions you may have here.
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