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2020-21 Season & Evaluation Updates
It's time to be.. One of a Kind!
Time to be part of one of the largest and most successful stories in competitive cheerleading! It's about discipline, progression, work ethic and becoming a REALLY good team! It's time to RAYs the standards in Northern Virginia!

We have made several adjustments to our evaluation dates, process and even our upcoming season fees, etc.  

Registration is OPEN - Click on your location to register online (Ashburn | Manassas)

Evaluation Date has been moved to May 30-31st.  Note that we will adjust this as necessary, and we also may need to expand this longer in order to abide with proper facility procedures due to Covid19 precautions.

Once you register, you will be invited to take part in our virtual LEVEL TRAININGS, which will, in part be a portion of our Evaluation clinics.

We will also provide (if possible), live in person clinic sessions prior to actual evaluations (TBA). 

We've put together a FAQ to help you learn more about our program!

When will the gym re-open?
Currently we are hopefuly to open with restrictions and modified social distance accomodated classes as early as late next week.  This will be dependant on when Phase 1 is dictated to begin for Virginia.  We will update you as soon as any of this is determined and we have plans for various scenarios.

How much does our program cost?
We have not yet been able to finalize our program costs this season, however, we feel it may not change too much from last season.  Last season our approximate season costs were:  Elite/International Teams -  $4300, Prep - $3700, Tiny - $2000
*These costs include startup, registration, comp fees, uniform (new athletes), choreography, coaches fees, training, routine music, practice wear, backpack (new athletes), warmups, etc.  It does NOT include travel costs.

What is the commitment level?
Tiny and Prep level teams generally practice 2 times per week for a total of 2-4 hours.
Elite/International teams generally practice 2 times per week during the summer, and 3 times per week during the rest of the year for a total of 6 hours per week.

Does The Stingray Allstars attend The Summit or D2 Summit?
All of our Elite and International teams that are eligible for Summit divisions compete towards seeking a Summit bid.  In fact, we recieved more bids to The Summit championship this past year than any other gym in Northern Virginia.  We do NOT attend D2 Summit, or any other Division 2 competitions or divisions.  

What will evaluations entail?
This season, due to covid19, we will be adjust tryouts to adhere to social distance guidelines.  We do not anticipate ANY stunting during this seasons tryouts.  We will base our initial evaluations based on tumbling, jumps, motions and how accurately and quickly they pick up on simple choreography.

When will teams be announced? 
We are hoping to be able to announce teams immediately after evaulations, EARLY JUNE.

Will my athlete improve their skills?
Absolutely.  We track our athletetes progress in many ways.  If you check out our social media you will see many TRANSFORMATIONS!  We believe in RESULTS you can see! 

Does The Stingray Allstars only focus on winning?

YES!  However, we define winning in many different ways.  We strive to place well at competitions, but we win in MANY other ways other at competition.  We believe that developing responsible, respectful athletes is the key to "winning" on and off the floor and can help them in life.

Is it "HARD" to be a Stingray?
Yes.  However, we know the work is worth it!

What if I have more questions?
Please feel free to reach out.  Email us at, reply to this email, or give us a call and leave us a message at 703-444-6002.  Make sure to include a little bit about you and most importantly, a phone number and a good time to reach you!

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