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March 2020

New studies demonstrate the importance of educating students in the arts.
Visit loydartists.com to learn more about the educational offerings from each artist.
New Tour Updates for 2020-2021
Billy Jonas Band - MO, NC/SC, Il, IN, LA, GA, PA/VA/MD, OH, MT
Reggie Harris - NY, MA, VT, ME, RI, MD, PA/VA, FL, TX, OH, Nova Scotia
Hobey Ford’s Golden Rod Puppets - NC/SC, KY/TN, VA, DC
Zak Morgan - OH, PA, WY, NC, KY, IL, MI
Roger Day - TN, AL, FL, LA, NC/SC, VA
Doug Berky - GA, TN, FL, NC/SC, KY, MI, IN
Scott Ainslie - NC, VA/MD, ME, IL
Farmer Jason - IL, TX, PA
Abraham Jam - ME; Niagara area CN; NC
Contact Susan at Loyd Artists, susan@loydartists.com or 518-647-5916, for more opportunities and details.
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