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Institute of Innovative Governance, Brussels and Estonian-based organisation, is co-founding European Digital Development Alliance to provide a platform for better cooperation on common projects and making applications for Horizon and other EU grants.

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EU: First annual self-assessment report
Commision launches annual report by Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Twitter and 7 European trade associations consenning realization of the Code of Practice on Disinformation and future steps to be done.
Thailand: Blockchain-based tax refunds for oil exporters
By the middle of 2020 Thailand Excise Department is expected to change its current tax refund practice by introducing a blockchain-based tax payback system as a new way of refunding overpaid taxes to oil exporters.
France: Central bank and blockchain
Central bank of France is ready for new experiment and for implementation of blockchain-based solutions that could have an impact on the financial industry. Nonetheless new technologies in the greater European financial system does not come without challenges.
TechSoup: Making Europe More Digital
Taking place during EU Code Week, Meet and Code event empowers young Europeans with 21st century skills they need to participate in tomorrow’s digital world. Check the results of this year edition.
Internet access as a basic human right
According to a new study by Merten Reglitz, free access to the Internet is supposed to be a basic human right as provides meaningful ways to influence the global players.
India: “E-hundi” in temples for better tracking of collection
The Karnataka government is planning to introduce “e-hundi” facility in some major temples in the State to bring transparency in the cash collection.
EU: New rules on VAT
Starting from 2024 payment service providers will be obliged to provide Member State authorities with payment data from cross-border sales, which anti-fraud specialists can then access and analyse.
France: e-commerce will exceed 100 billion € in 2019
During the first nine months of this year e-commerce in France has achieved a turnover of 74 billion euros and due to latest forecasts will meet 100 billion euros till the end of the year.
Finland: “Safe” label
Cybersecurity label guarantees to consumers that devices have basic information security features. Finland became the first European country to certify devices in this way.
Singapore: Personal data protection
Encrypting sensitive files and hiding away highly sensitive information and other steps to be done in order to protect private data of citizens.
Australia: SMS phishing protection
Australian government is taking steps against telephone phishing and suggested providers to implement SMS filtering to combat text-message-based scams.
USA: Google - guilty or not?
Project Nightingale is Google’s codename for its partnership with Ascension, the US’ second-largest health system. The project enables Google to access the health information of around 50 million American patients.
B-Day: Boosting Connectivity Investments
Date: 2-3 December, 2019
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Workshop: policy measures for the Greening of ICT
Date: 4 December, 2019
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Connect University Session on "IEEE, Standardisation and Wi-Fi – a success story"
Date: 6 December, 2019
Location: online
European Digital Media Observatory
Call for tenders.
16 December, 2019
Digital Innovation Hubs projects: open calls for SME
Call for proposals. Deadline: 20 September, 2020
Implementing the European Open Science Cloud
Call for proposals. Deadline: 22 April, 2020
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