Episode 10: Dating in the Apocalypse
Imagine dating during the apocalypse? No, thanks. Opting out.
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Episode 11: Healthcare
An NBC reporter contacts me about my life in lockdown. I make a video while also tempering my anger towards the American healthcare system.
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Two Economies
Hi All, 
Day 18 of Confinement in France  - expected to go until end of April.
I was speaking to an Australian friend in New York this week (not Jessica, another friend!), and he said he has never felt unsafe in New York until recently. A friend had his groceries literally stolen off him, panic in the guy's eyes and the guy just let him run with them. I'm a part of a "Women in Motion Pictures" email group where most of the women (or people who identify as women) live, and whereas most of the emails are typically industry related, the past two weeks have been nothing but discussions about whether or not to pay rent. Landlords are getting angry at the discussion, renters are freaked they'll be evicted. 
There is a weird energy on the streets of Paris, but it's because of an invisible virus, not because of joblessness or the inability to pay rent.
A New York Times piece says, "As the coronavirus wallops the world’s economies, France is rapidly emerging as a test case of whether a country can hasten the recovery from a recession by protecting businesses from going under in the first place, and avoiding mass joblessness."
Perhaps the people here have lower salaries as the same position in New York, but it's in times like these that I'd rather have the safety net. I've said it before, America deserves more.
Another thing that's changed in France is the salutation as you leave. Instead of "Au Revoir" or "Bonne Soirée", we now say "Bonne Santé" or "Good Health".
It's too depressing to get into the numbers, but let's just say, we continue to have the highest death numbers to date...
Bonne santé,
A Little German Humor
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