Edition 21| 2020
Welcome to the 21st edition of the SPIRE newsletter – the first of this year 2020!

2020 is turning into a difficult year for everyone, but we aim to bring you the latest news, insights and success stories from within the SPIRE Public Private Partnership and the European Process Industry sectors to inspire and reinvigorate you.

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European Commission: Horizon2020 and COVID19
Many Horizon 2020 projects are facing major operational and personal hurdles due to restrictions on movement and assembly etc. The European Commission has published a frequently asked questions FAQs document addressing the common issues that projects may face in the current situation. All SPIRE projects 
are advised to consult the FAQs document to understand the flexible measures that the Commission has introduced to help you continue work during the COVID19 outbreak.

With the COVID19 virus disrupting European and global health and socio-economic systems, research and innovation actions are an essential part of the coordinated EU response to this unique public health threat. A full overview of the EU’s R&I response can be found here.

Following an initial analysis, a number of relevant projects have been invited to search for appropriate solutions to combat the virus and to include their findings in our Horizon Results Platform under the COVID19 section.

If you think your project is/can contribute to this effort, please contact your project officer to define together how best to proceed in the common interest. We would gladly support your initiative by disseminating your actions though our website and social media.
Industrial Symbiosis and the Circular Economy
A new report ‘Industry - Study and portfolio review of the projects on industrial symbiosis in DG Research and Innovation’ has just been published by the European Commission. It examines progress in research on industrial symbiosis and circular economy and highlights the role of SPIRE.
The potential of industrial symbiosis could also be expanded towards industrial-urban symbiosis by also embracing municipalities and regions interested in cooperating with industries on issues like waste, energy and water.  
Report Available Here
European Industrial Strategy
Industry4Europe has welcomed the publication by the European Commission’s ‘New Industrial Strategy for Europe’ that recognises industry as “central to Europe’s future progress and prosperity” and announces a comprehensive set of measures that aim at “maintaining European industry’s global competitiveness and a level playing field, at home and globally, making Europe climate-neutral by 2050 and shaping Europe’s digital future”.

Industry4Europe coalition has consistently called on the European Institutions to develop an ambitious EU industrial strategy that helps Europe remain a hub for a leading, smart, innovative and sustainable industry, and that provides quality jobs and benefits all Europeans and future generations.
And in November, a Joint Paper ‘A long-term strategy for Europe’s industrial future: from words to action’ was published in which it presented concrete industrial policy recommendations in seven priority fields that are largely echoed by the seven main pillars of the new Industrial Strategy.
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SPIRE members tackle COVID19
The current COVID19 pandemic is causing operational issues for people, projects and processes across Europe. SPIRE stakeholders are adapting to cope with changed working environments and also contributing to initiatives to tackle the virus and its impact.
SPIRE member Eurecat, the Catalonian Technology Centre, is heavily involved with the fight against COVID19 in Spain. It is testing face masks and their components that are being produced to address the shortage of this type of medical equipment.
 Eurecat is also looking to develop masks with its extensive experience of 3D printing technologies. This is in response to a call from the Ministry of Industry coordinated with the Cluster of Advanced Materials of Catalonia in which Eurecat will make its equipment and supplies of consumables for 3D printing available for development and production of masks and ventilator components for hospitals and other medical needs required to combat the COVID19 situation.
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The COVID19 pandemic has highlighted a shortage of assisted ventilation equipment in hospitals and intensive care units (ICUs) in many countries, so making the most of the available equipment is paramount. An innovative component has been developed that allows a single
ventilation device to assist three or four patients simultaneously. The design of the component was developed by SPIRE member LEITAT for 3D printing.
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Repsol has started the mass production of alcohol-based disinfectant hand gels at its Móstoles technology centre to supply the Spanish Ministry of Health and is also donating emergency supplies to hospitals with the greatest needs and to other medical centres close to its facilities.
Ceramic Industry
The ceramic industry is taking measures at national level. In Italy, the industry is supporting hospitals via donations for the purchase of intensive care beds and by disseminating clear information on restrictions to the public adopted by the Government. The industry has also promoted the adjustment of business procedures and operational protocols to align production, shipping and logistic activities with this emergency situation.
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SPIRE Projects updates
Skills Alliance for Industrial Symbiosis kicks off
In January, the SPIRE Skills Alliance for Industrial Symbiosis SPIRE-SAIS project was launched with the aim to develop a Blueprint for an industry driven long-term strategy focused on industrial-urban symbiosis and digital skills. The project will drive a proactive, industry-driven adjustment to meet future skills demand across the SPIRE sectors and develop new skills to unfold the potential of digital transformation within SPIRE companies and wider industry.

An intervention at EU level on skills to enable and accelerate uptake of Industrial Symbiosis and energy efficiency is paramount to address possible shortages in the sector, while providing EU citizens with the necessary skill sets for future job profiles.
CoPro Final Symposium
CoPro held its final symposium on 2 and 3 April. The Final Symposium took place as a virtual event and followed the exact same programme as the originally planned ‘physical’ event including parallel sessions and contributions from ‘sister’ SPIRE projects COCOP, FUDIPO, MONSOON and MORSE.
 The event highlighted how CoPro has developed and demonstrated digital methods and tools for process monitoring and optimal operation of processing plants in a dynamically changing environment.

With the aim to share project information and insights gained during the project lifetime, as well as ensure sustainability of the project outcomes, the materials presented at CoPro Final Symposium are available on their website.
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Catalyst development in ICO2CHEM
 ICO2CHEM, the SPIRE project aiming to recover industrial CO2 streams as value-added products, is ready to demonstrate new developments in Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technology for producing
nanocoatings applied to Fischer-Tropsch catalysts
Fischer-Tropsch (FT) synthesis is one possible route to store renewable energy in the form of hydrocarbon 
products. In order to match well-known FT processes with this new environment, catalyst development plays an important role. New catalysts are required for novel microchannel reactors suitable for decentralized renewable energy storage. Novel catalysts are key to meeting the demanding environment of such Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) applications.
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CIRMET Special Interest Group
The CIRMET project has created a Special Interest Group with the aim of forming a community within different types of organizations that has a shared interest in advancing a specific area of knowledge, learning or technology where members cooperate to affect or to produce solutions within their particular field, and communicate with each other.

The CIRMET project is working to develop innovative and efficient solutions based on modular, versatile, smart process units for energy and resource flexibility in highly energy intensive processes.

If you would like to join the CIRMET SIG you are invited to complete the form.
The CIRMET team is looking forward to hearing from you!
CirClean Survey
CirClean aims to create an EU network promoting Industrial Symbiosis practices and to work towards adopting a common approach to the reporting of IS transactions.
Want to be part of the change? Fill in their online consultation!
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