Episode 8: All the Emotions
Get into the mind of a single lady, some music by Dolly Parton, Supervénèr, Nia's cat arrives for the day, my mom gets into fits of laughter and Jessica cleans her hair.
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Episode 9: A Weekend Away (HA)
Daylight savings time! We have some dreaming of aperos, some sound eating advice from Nia and a bit of fire and Tiger King talk with Jessica. Also, some sad news from my family.
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Thoughts on Survival & Time
Hi All,
I took the weekend off to sleep, do some workouts, and read (oh, and watch Tiger King  - I was very against this show, but I must admit, they wrap it up extremely well with an important message). As my best friend, Jessica says, "we all just need to escape a bit right now."
The opening of the young adult novel I just turned into my literary agent starts with a young girl staring at the crack in her ceiling. She's been isolated for the entire life of her fourteen years. I started writing this book five years ago, but I think that more and more people will understand her and her crack after this.
That idea of staring at something over and over - whether it's your husband's chin hair or the wallpaper tear next to your cabinet or that bottle of champagne you've been saving for just the right moment, time passes and we get older. I think we can no longer say "time is getting away from me".  We are forced to be present when we can't move as much (or you can keep as busy as possible - and rearrange all your furniture like me). Hours are certainly blending into days right now. Today's date is officially "Mursday, the thirtiemph of Marprilay".
I wrote a thesis in college about the Holocaust and survival differences between men and women. Women, they found, had a higher survival rate within the camps than men. They took care of each other, sharing bread, combing each other's hair, picking nits off each other, cleaning each other. Men tended to isolate more, and thus led to higher rates of death within the camps (if they did survive them). I'm not comparing this time to the Holocaust, but I am saying we need each other to survive, and men, we are here for you, too!
A great video talking about relationships (not just love relationships) during this time and how we can be present for each other is here (recommend starting at 14:20). What I'm finding is I don't need more people to speak to; I just need company with the ones I love. Less talking. Just company even artificially, so if that means setting up the phone in the corner of the room while I cook or type. Well, that's pretty great.
Lots of love,
French-specific issues
 In France, we officially enter the second round of 15 day increments of confinement tomorrow. I'm preparing for 45 days total. The situation is accelerating. Some hospitals are starting to be overcrowded. According to the latest report from the health authorities, 40,174 people are contaminated by COVID-19 and 2606 have died, that is to say 292 new deaths in 24 hours and 4632 in ICU. The fine for papers has increased this Sunday from €135 to €200 in case of repeat offence in the next 15 days and can go up to €3750 and 6 months' imprisonment for repeat offenders.
Good Stuff: Starting from this past Friday March 27th evening, the Eiffel Tower pays tribute to those still working: health caregivers, police officers, firefighters, agents of the city of Paris, paramedics, soldiers, cashiers, garbage collectors, store keepers, delivery men, volunteers, helpers, associations and also to us - Parisians staying at home as we are also saving lives doing so. STAY HOME.
A French Meme
A Little Dinosaur Humor
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