Where Government Puts Money
Where the government puts their money shows a lot about what that society values.
I'm hearing about healthcare worker friends in the states getting called on to work for free. What you are paid is LITERALLY how the government shows what they value in you.
In France, they don't get it perfect but check this: "The president saluted the work of healthcare providers whom he described as being on the "frontline" and announced immediate bonuses and pay rises for them as well as a "massive investment plan" in the nation's hospitals once the crisis ends. The health sector has been demanding a financial boost since Macron became president."
That said, TGV trains are carrying the sick to make sure they are transported to areas of France where hospitals are not overrun. According to New York Times, something else to keep in mind, we were confined when there were only 148 dead compared to Italy's 800 dead which may be partly why we are fairing better than our neighboring countries (and we have more hospital beds). 
Other good news:
For my artist friends, in Germany, according to a press release shared by the ministry of culture and reports in the German press, "a staggering €50 billion ($54 billion) in backing will be provided specifically to small businesses and freelancers, including those from the cultural, creative, and media sectors."
 "We know the hardships, we know the desperation. The cultural sector in particular is characterized by a high proportion of self-employed people who now have problems with their livelihoods." She said that the federal government is "wholly aware" of the importance of the creative industries, adding that "[h]elp is coming as quickly and with as little bureaucracy as possible!"
TRANSLATION: "Mona Lisa takes advantage of the Louvre closure to chill the F out." 
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