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According to the new law digital platforms should delete unlawful messages in 24 hours. The regulator may impose an administrative penalty of a maximum of 4% of the turnover.
Despite the positive movement only 20% of Europeans know which public authority is responsible for protecting their data. European Commission has launched  new campaign to encourage Europeans to read privacy statements and to optimise their privacy settings.
French Senate has passed a bill under which tech companies with more than €750 million in global revenue and €25 million in French revenue will be required to pay a 3% tax on total annual revenue generated by providing services to French users.
A new World Bank report was released. According with an analysis Sub-Saharan African with an increase in digital technology adoption have the potential to have a positive effect on economies.
SatoshiCentre in Botswana has been a Bitcoin educator and FinTech incubator since 2014, and is driving innovation in one of Africa’s most prospering crypto country.
The blockchain-empowered system in Sierra Leone will authenticate identities with fingerprint scans and encompass all banks and financial entities.
The government is all set to take it up a notch and integrate the groundbreaking technology into other government departments.
EU: Changes in education system
The European Commission today presents 'Opening up Education', which is an action plan to reduce gaps in education and prepare pupils and students for an adult digitized life.
Azerbaijan has begun the development of unified system of state and municipal services for citizens and businesses which has high automation of interactions with the state.
Brazil is preparing to launch its national digital identity service as the government advances a data interoperability agenda aimed to tackle issues such as benefit fraud.
EPFO will launch an e-inspection system that will simplify the inspection process and ensure organisations with open communications will not be subject to physical inspection.
It’s predicted the online retail industry will grow 16% between now and 2021. Despite that cash usage is very popular among Czech consumers.
If the predicted revenue mark of 2.2 billion euros will be met this year, it would mean that the ecommerce industry in Ireland has more than doubled since 2010, when online retail sales totaled 1.05 billion euros.
E-commerce sales are predicted to be worth 11.64 million euros at the end of this year,which means that e-commerce in Poland will account for 2.31 percent of the country’s gross domestic product.
EU: GDPR influence the e-commerce
Since the regulation came into force, for e-commerce websites pageviews fell by 9.7 percent, while website visits decreased by 9.9 percent.
24 EU Member States have completed the first step and submitted national risk assessments to secure 5G networks. The next step - EU-wide risk assessment which will be completed by 1 October.
The aim of the dialogue is to promote innovation, work towards global solutions to digital challenges and further facilitate mutual data flows. They committed to continue and further strengthen the cooperation, both at political and technical level.
The regulator says that Microsoft is remotely collecting data from users of Windows Home and Windows Pro. The Dutch Data Protection Agency is investigating a potential breach of privacy rules.
The Netherlands Authority and the Dutch Central Bank published a brochure on the use of artificial intelligence in the insurance sector. It counts 10 points that will be developed further.
EU recommends a regulatory framework for AI that would set transparency obligations on automated decision-making.
Date: 2-6 September, 2019
Location: Borovets, Bulgaria
Date: 19-20 September, 2019
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Date: 23-25 September, 2019
Location: Aarhus, Denmark
Date: 24-26 September, 2019
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Date: 14-16 October, 2019
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Date11-13 November, 2019
Location: Malaga, Spain
Date: 13-15 November, 2019
Location: Madrid, Spain
€10 million EU funding available for projects stepping up EU's cybersecurity capabilities and cross border cooperation.
Deadline: 14 November, 2019
Digital Innovation Hubs projects
Open calls for SMEs for proposals: 
Deadline: 20 September, 2020

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