Episode 6, American in Montmartre: Quarantine Days 7-8, March 23rd - 24th
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Hey you all,

Everything seemed fine today, until I was asked in a group video conference how I was doing, and I burst out crying. I am fine and also not, just like the world. It's VERY strange to be away from America while this is happening, and yet not. I can't explain it. This energy and the world is in panic and chaos, so random bursts of tears will happen, as will random bursts of laughter at realizing you've been cleaning the inside of your keyboard for the past hour, or that you found a secret chocolate stash inside your cupboard. HALLELUJAH. This shit is weird.
How Did Spain Get it So Wrong?
So, Spain how did it go it so wrong? I've been trying to find articles about why France seems to be so far behind Spain and Italy, but the best I could find was this one here
The truth is, Macron has also increased austerity cuts to its healthcare system in recent years, so even though France seems to be staying far behind Germany and Spain right now, we will see how we hold up. Thinking of fellow anglophones as well right now.
In France
Last night, Macron announced that he would increase overtime, develop a massive investment plan and raise for health caregivers and an exceptional bonus for all healthcaregives and local government officers mobilized. He will also make the army take more actions with the Resilience plan. Over 25k cases now.

We are still waiting on whether or not we will be confined for another four weeks. This is a case where it really depends how foolish everyone is around us. The more people break the rules, the longer we will be locked down. STAY INSIDE!!!
Lots of love,
A Beatle: "What are you doing?"
Beatle walking in other direction: "I forgot my authorization to leave...pissed off."
A Little Baltimore Humor
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