February 2020
Barwon Health North celebrates opening!
Barwon Health North has celebrated it’s opening, creating a valuable community asset for Geelong’s northern suburbs.

This new, $33 million flagship health hub will give local families world-class health care on their doorstep.

Delivery of Barwon Health North is a priority under G21’s Addressing Disadvantage project, and is designed to address a lack of community and health facilities in Geelong’s northern suburbs.

The northern suburbs account for more than a quarter of the City of Greater Geelong’s population and includes an increasing number of ageing residents and young families.

From a healthcare perspective, as GP services in the north are utilised less than other areas of Geelong, residents are more likely to be admitted to hospital, and rates of cancer, respiratory disease, airways disease, heart attack and stroke are higher than the state average.

This highlights the need for better access to health services.
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Avalon flies daily to Bali
Direct flights between Bali and Avalon have commenced, marking a second international destination for the airport.

Famous for its luxury resorts, beaches, temples, warm hospitality, shopping and surf, this service will prove popular with travellers from the G21 region who want an easy, affordable travel option to the Indonesian holiday spot.
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Planning for the Future of Bannockburn
A new growth plan for Bannockburn South is being developed under a partnership between Golden Plains Shire and the Victorian Planning Authority.

The plan will deliver 7,000 additional homes and approximately 17,000 new residents in the south of the town, significantly increasing the population of Golden Plains Shire.
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Workplace mental health revolution on way
The Give Where You Live Foundation has launched an exciting new knowledge-sharing network as part of a ground-breaking initiative to protect mental wellbeing in Geelong workplaces.

The program will build the capacity of workplaces to create environments where employees can thrive, establishing long term, sustainable and organisational-wide change through collaborative efforts.
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Team G21 trekking again!
“Team G21” is once again participating in the annual Surf Coast Trek, raising funds for the ‘Kids Plus’ and ‘Give Where You Live’ foundations.

The Surf Coast Trek is a 40km walk along a unique and renowned stretch of coastal scenery from Aireys Inlet to Torquay. Help “Team G21” – Elaine Carbines, Nada Malinac, Liz Dando and Jill Evans - reach their target in support of both foundations by donating.
Sponsor Team G21
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Bannockburn Heart officially open
Stage one of the Bannockburn Heart was officially opened in mid-December, delivering residents a fun community facility just in time for Summer.

The Precinct, at the corner of Milton and Byron Streets, includes an impressive new water and adventure play space, active recreation equipment and community facilities including public toilets, seating, BBQs, shade, lighting and landscaped public space.
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New Moggs Creek Bridge Coming
Construction of a stronger, wider bridge on the Great Ocean Road at Moggs Creek has begun to ensure the world-famous coastal road remains safe and accessible.

The new bridge is part of a significant package of works being delivered on the Great Ocean Road this year as part of a vital upgrade of bridge infrastructure.
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G21 Board update

At G21’s January Board Meeting, Directors were assigned to the Pillars in a Board Liaison role.

For 2020, the Pillar liaison roles are as follows:

- Arts, Heritage and Culture Pillar Board Liaison - Patti Manolis
- Economic Development Pillar Board Liaison - Cr Stephanie Asher
- Education and Training Pillar Board Liaison - Patti Manolis
- Environment Pillar Board Liaison - Tracey Slatter
- Health and Wellbeing Pillar Board Liaison - Martin Gill
- Planning and Services Pillar Board Liaison - Martin Cutter
- Sport and Recreation Pillar Liaison - Cr Rose Hodge
- Transport Pillar Board Liaison - Brett Winter.
News from the G21 Pillars
The eight G21 Pillars meet on a regular basis to discuss issues and progress regional projects. Click on the boxes below for the most recent Pillar activity report.
Research, Funding & Grant Opportunities
Measuring social inclusion
Inclusive Australia
Nearly one in four Australians has recently experienced a form of major discrimination. This report provides an overview of social inclusion in Australia and seeks to provide a ‘big picture’ view. It captures several important measures (e.g. prejudicial attitudes, experiences of discrimination, willingness to advocate for inclusion) that have not been included together in existing studies.

Australia’s emissions projections 2019
Department of the Environment and Energy (Australia)
This report details emissions trends, including sector specific analysis of factors driving emissions. It also estimates the emissions reduction effort required to meet Australia’s emissions reduction targets. The projections include sensitivity analyses to illustrate how emissions are impacted by different economic and technology assumptions.

Design our water future at a workshop near you!
Barwon Water is asking the community for ideas on how to address the G21 region’s future water needs. Local population growth, increasing demand on water supplies and reduced inflows into our catchments due to a hotter and drier climate mean Barwon Water needs to plan carefully for the future.

Community workshops
Torquay - Surf Coast Shire, 1 Merrijig Drive - Thurs 27 Feb, 6-8pm
Bannockburn - Bannockburn Cultural Centre, 27 High Street - Tues 3 Mar, 6-8pm
Leopold - Leopold Community Hub, 31-39 Kensington Road - Thurs 19 Mar, 6-8pm
Apollo Bay - Apollo Bay Bowls Club, 6 Moore Street - Sat 21 Mar, 10am-12pm
Colac - Colac Bowling Club, 4 Armstrong Street - Thurs 26 Mar, 6-8pm

Applications for the 2020 Accelerator are open
Do you know a clever founder? Deakin is looking for their next 10 startups to boost and support with $10k funding, mentorship, and free co-working space access at Deakin Downtown.

Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s a friend? Put someone else forward and make their day (or year). Applications close on 20 March 2020 at 5pm.

The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming
This seminar will present 100 economically viable solutions to a zero emissions economy. These range from clean energy to educating girls in lower-income countries to land use practices that pull carbon out of the air. If deployed collectively in Australia and on a global scale over the next thirty years, they represent a credible path forward, not just to slow the earth’s warming but to reach drawdown, that point in time when greenhouse gases in the atmosphere peak and begin to decline.

Tues 3 Mar, 6.30-8.30pm - Geelong Regional Library, 51 Lt. Malop St.
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