Episode 5, American in Montmartre: Quarantine Days 5-6, March 21st - 22nd
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Quoi de Neuf en France ?
First of all, I got out of the apartment today for the first time since last Thursday - mask and gloves in tow. Yesterday (day 8 of confinement), it was announced that the scientific council met and recommended a total of six weeks on lockdown which would bring us to April 28th (we started March 17th). Not confirmed yet. Paris doesn't have a curfew yet, but the suburbs surrounding it are starting with a curfew from 10PM to 5:30am or so. 
I took a ton of footage while out today, and will show it in my episode 7 in two days time. Not to give too much away as you wait with baited breath for the episodes, but I was shocked at all the things open. It's not just the boulangeries. It's also the fish market, the grocery stores, the boucher (butcher), the kebab stands, the crepe stands and the wine shops. I asssume this will change soon.

I saw a woman wearing a mask made out of a coffee machine. That was inventive.
Since I'm able to walk 0.6miles radius in my neighborhood for one hour per day, I was able to walk to Moulin Rouge, and there was a homeless man lying down asleep in front of the gated doors and no one else. It reminded me that I have a home, and for that, I am grateful. The Cannes Film Festival is opening its door to the homeless. Unfortunately, the homeless have been getting fined for being outdoors which is pissing off a lot of charities as you can imagine. Some measures were put in place today - “In total, the state will spend an additional emergency sum of €50 million for accomodation,” the minister said in a statement.
Sadly, the first famous French person died from the coronavirus - Veteran Afro-jazz star Manu Dibango. A beautiful homage here
In France, 22,300 people are infected by the COVID-19, and 1100 died which is 240 new deaths in 24 hours. 2516 cases are in ICU. A third of the patients are under 60 years old, and 58% are between 60 and 80 years old. 3381 people have been cured and left the hospital.
More Memes
In lieu of anything profound, just more French memes. 
Lots of love,

 Translation:  "My Dear Citizens, you may now leave your homes"
If you don't know, Macron is not this old. He's MUCH younger, so this is funny for that reason.
A Little French Wine Humor
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