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The first months of 2020 marked a turning point not only for the scientific community, but for the whole world. We have seen the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, and many academies stepped up to provide evidence-based advice to national governments and international institutions. This global crisis has been central to our work, but we also launched new projects, publications, a brand new website, and communication campaigns that engaged not only our network, but the wider public.

To discover more about our work and the work of our member academies simply check the links below!

Academy Response to COVID-19

Many IAP member academies around the world are playing their own part in national or regional initiatives – helping to ensure that trustworthy and credible information is reaching as many people as possible, much of it in local languages. We set up an online space that has rapidly became a one stop shop to discover how academies around the are playing their own part in national or regional initiatives to fight the pandemic. You can find it here.

Thank you to those who responded to the IAP survey on COVID-19 actions, we are currently analysing responses.

IAP released this video as part of a social media campaign.

World Academies Call for Global Solidarity on COVID-19 Pandemic

The new IAP Communique on COVID-19 emphasises the vital importance of doing more now to act collectively because effort on the global scale is essential to mitigate the spread of coronavirus in all territories. Read the communiqué.


Global Academy Network Condemns US decision to Halt WHO funding Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Any disruption to the WHO’s operating budget amidst the COVID-19 pandemic threatens its ability to perform its critical role of coordinating the international medical and scientific response to the virus. Read the press release.


Open Letter to the UN: Health Inequity during the Pandemic: A Cry for Ethical Global Leadership

IAP signed a letter to the UN about the escalating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic among already vulnerable and marginalized populations worldwide. Read the news and endorse the letter by filling in this form.


Combatting Predatory Academic Journals and Conferences

Predatory journals, fake conferences and related practices that undermine these standards increasingly plague the research enterprise, and the consequences can be profound. This new IAP project will explore predatory practices, complementing projects led by other global institutions on related issues of open science and scientific publishing. Read the press release.


New Urban Health Video

“Urban health is systemically relevant and critically linked to social, economic, and ecological systems in all countries of the world,” explains ISC's Franz Gatzweiler in the latest IAP Urban Health video. Watch it here.


Depei Liu appointed as IAP representative at the Steering Committee of the Urban Health and Wellbeing programme

Suraj Bhattarai, Akinyinka Omigbodun, and Paulo Saldiva are the IAP experts selected for the programme’s Scientific Committee. Read the announcement.


IAP Young Physician Leaders Programme 2020

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, IAP will not hold the regular leadership workshop at the World Health Summit in October 2020, but specific initiatives aimed at alumni will be organized and participants of the past editions will shortly be receiving information on how to participate. Read the news.


COVID-19! How Can I Protect Myself and Others?

IAP and Smithsonian Science Education Center with support of the World Health Organization launch a new COVID-19 guide for youth. Read it here.


Arctic warming and microbial threats: Perspectives from IAP and EASAC following an international academies’ workshop

A new workshop report by IAP sheds light on existing and possible future risks of harmful infectious agents emerging from thawing permafrost and ice in the Arctic region. Read it here.


Addressing the social determinants of global mental health in the Sustainable Development Goals era

A new report from our workshop with the Academy of Medical Sciences in 2019. Read it here.


Interdisciplinary research in epidemic preparedness and response

A new report by IAP, the Academy of Medical Sciences, and the Medical Research Council. Read it here.


S.O.S. Booklet for Global Young Scholars

This booklet was written by some partecipants of the GYA/IAP Young Researchers Leadership Workshop in the Framework of the World Science Forum 2019. Read it here.


Working with Big Ideas of Science Education -now available also in Russian

Working with Big Ideas of Science Education discusses the implication for the selection of content, pedagogy, student assessment and teacher education of putting the principles and big ideas into practice. Download it in Russian here.


Assessing the Potential Risks and Benefits of Advances in Science and Technology: Results of a Pilot Exercise Using Qualitative Frameworks

IAP and the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine collaborated on a pilot exercise to examine how two qualitative frameworks could facilitate structured discussions of advances in S&T using BWC-relevant case examples. Read the summary report here.


Call for nominations: IPBES workshop on biodiversity and pandemics

TheIPBES will organize a virtual platform workshop on the link between biodiversity and pandemics, from 27-31 July 2020. More info here.


TWAS and IsDB launch COVID-19 research grant

Deadline to apply is 4 June 2020. More info here.

Latest News Highlights

Launch of new IAP website

 A new design and improved search function: discover the profiles of 140 member academies, 14 ongoing projects and over 200 publications. Discover it here.

A new infographic by IAP

IAP celebrates the International Day for Biological Diversity

 Discover our new infographic on the impact of neonicotinoids on biodiversity. Check it out.


South Korea holds webinars on how to contain COVID-19

 Webinars will be available in Korean, English and Russian on 27 May, 10 June, and 17 June. Discover more here.


IAP neonicotinoids report at the World Biodiversity Forum

The conference included a session on Neonicotinoids and their impact on ecosystem services for agriculture and biodiversity in Africa. Read the news.



Europe has banned neonicotinoid insecticides. Action is needed in Africa too

The Conversation published an article about 'Neonicotinoid Insecticides: Use and Effects in African Agriculture'. Read more here.


Piloting the Fusion of Civilization Education Curriculum in Pakistan

ECO Science Foundation piloted a module of the Fusion of One Belt One Road (OBOR) Civilizations Curriculum. Read more here.


The Office for Climate Education will become a UNESCO Category 2 centre

Discover how OCE supports Climate Change Education. Read more here.

News from IAP member academies

The African Academy of Sciences (AAS)

Developing mechanisms to support coordinated collaboration and supporting basic science to identify new drug targets are some of Africa's R&D priorities for COVID-19 listed in this document. The primary priorities were identified from a webinar attended by 275 scientists and a survey of 844 respondents.  Read AAS' Research and Development goals for COVID-19 in Africa.


Australian Academy of Science

The Australian Academy of Science’s President sent a letter to IAP Member Academies to draw attention to bushfires. Read it here.


European Academies' Science Advisory Council (EASAC)

Commentary on science-based European recovery post COVID-19, video interview on COVID-19 and Alternative Medicine, virtual Council Meeting, new President and "Packaging Plastics“ publication. Read the news.


The Federation of European Academies of Medicine (FEAM)
and the European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities (ALLEA)

European academy networks FEAM and ALLEA call on EU and national authorities to undertake crucial actions to support the health of migrants. Read their Statement on Migration and Health.


Global Young Academy (GYA)

GYA Annual General Meeting and Conference goes virtual and other updates. Read the news.


InterAmerican Network of Academies of Sciences (IANAS)

New publications by IANAS. Eutrophication: A growing problem in the Americas and the Caribbean. The Challenges of Managing the Urban Waters of the Americas.


The World Academy of Art & Science (WAAS)

E-conference "Global Leadership in the 21st Century. Strategies for Transformative Global Leadership", 15-19 June 2020. The conference will include a special session featuring successful initiatives of IAP and its member academies to promote global social transformation in different fields. For more information and registration visit here.


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