The April newsletter of CyberFactory#1 with a call for papers and further updates from the project.
CyberFactory#1 - April Edition
Dear CyberFactory#1 community,
Covid-19 has also disrupted the project work within CyberFactory#1. Where possible, remote work was implemented. This also includes the strategy meeting #5, which did not take place in Barcelona last week as originally planned, but instead, members joined digitally from their homes in the different sessions. Tapas and wine were greatly missed, our productivity level was not were it could have been at times, but at least the sessions started on time on 9:00 am CEST. A short report can be found below. 
Congrats to the team within CF#1 that made the listing of the project on the innovation portal of the European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA) possible. We are looking forward to insightful collaborations with other industry 4.0 projects.
Speaking of collaborations: We invite you to submit your papers to the call rganized by our partners from ISEP and OFFIS at this year's ESM®'2020 on cyber-physical system modeling. Additionally, congrats to Prof. Dr. Isabel Praça of ISEP of her paper acceptance at the 11th International Symposium on Ambient Intelligence in October. 
Yours sincerely & stay healthy,
PS: As usually, your questions and feedback are always welcome at
Summary of STG#5
Last week in different configurations members of CyberFactory#1 attended remotely four workshop sessions and the general assembly. Work was done on the work packages two (use-cases and requirements), three (Factory SoS modeling and simulation), four (FoF optimization & self-improvement) and five (FoF dynamic risk management and resilience). There was an internal review of the System of Systems Design for the project. The deliverable will be finalized in the next weeks and we are moving increasingly towards the development stage of the project. The main focus of work is currently on the modelling work. First results from this work package can be expected by summer. Since we were busy working and did not take one of those classic conference pictures that have been circulating on social media for the last weeks, enjoy this stock photo of two fluffy dogs instead. 
Workshop on Cyber-Physical System Modeling & Call for Papers
Our partners of ISEP and OFFIS are organizing a workshop on "Cyber-Physical System Modeling: Applications for Industry 4.0 Optimization & Resilience" at this year's ESM®'2020. Check out the call for papers! 
CF#1 is now part of EFFRA portal
CyberFactory#1 is now listed as a project on the European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA) innovation portal. We are delighted to be in the company among these others ambitious and innovative projects!
Paper Presentation at ISAMI 2020
Prof. Dr. Isabel Praça of the School of Engineering (ISEP) / Polytechnic Institute of Porto (IPP) will present a paper titled "FullExpression - Using transfer learning in the classification of human emotions" at ISAMI 2020. 
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