Welcome to our March e-newsletter or event updates for 2020.

The start of 2020 has for many, been one of varied challenges. Australia has seen tragic bushfires, floods and continued drought, although of recent days and weeks, we have had wonderful soaking rains almost everywhere. The current fear gripping the world is associated with COVID-19. We do extend our love to you all especially those affected by any challenge any time.

Over the past few days in particular, we have received hundreds of emails and calls asking about our events. Please note, we have NO intention of cancelling our events in light of the COVID-19 fear being spread, UNLESS of course there are travel bans or Government bans recommending we do so. We would hope you apply your innate capacity of tuning into love and common sense rather than hysterical fear.

Perhaps, for those of you unaware of HeartMath and their research on Heart Brain coherence, you could try these simple and powerful 3 steps to help move you out of anxiety and fear… and use them multiple times a day, in any environment.
1. Bring all of your attention and awareness to your heart. To the centre of your chest.

2. Now, imagine your breath is flowing in and out of your heart and chest, breathing a little bit slower and deeper than usual. Find a steady rhythm that is comfortable for you.
3. Now make a sincere attempt to experience a regenerative feeling such as appreciation or care for someone or something in your life. It can be a person, a pet, a time in nature, a special place, an accomplishment.
HeartMath research has shown that as you are doing this you are creating more coherence - an alignment of brain, heart and emotions. Your nervous system is synchronising. Hormones are being released into your system that regenerate you. Signals from your heart to your brain are opening up your higher brain centers. This opens the door for you to experience more uplifting emotions and access to intuitive insights.

Our friends at The Institute of HeartMath ( and researchers report that doing 3 minutes of these 3 steps sets in motion a cascade of biochemical events in your body that last as long as 6 hours. A powerful, yet simple practice supporting us in unlocking our greatest potentials.

Having used the HeartMath techniques since our first meeting in 2001, and as a one on one HeartMath trained ‘coach’ I do have permission to share this with you all, and do encourage you to visit the website.

Further to those who are engaging in the current outbreak of fear, there is a very good article in an Australian news site HERE  Please read it and please educate your self and above all, stay safe.

Chris and team
14th March • Melbourne Concert & 15th March • Melbourne Workshop
Don't miss this annual event in Melbourne!  An evening with the mystical - an evening within beauty and peace.  TICKET PURCHASE HERE
Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World
​Sat 4th April 2020 • Melbourne Public Talk
A rare and unique opportunity to sit before His Eminence in Melbourne - not to be missed. PUBLIC TALK TICKET PURCHASE HERE
THE SWEET REQUIEM  •  A Film - Special Screening
18th April 2020 • Melbourne

All proceeds go to Tibetan Children’s Village orphanages
“Intensely personal and emphatically universal filmmaking.” – Hollywood Reporter
Dolkar is a 25-year-old Tibetan woman living in Delhi. 15 years ago, she escaped from Tibet with her father, making a perilous trek across the Himalayas. Since then she has suppressed all recollection of that traumatic journey. But when Dolkar unexpectedly encounters Gompo, the guide who led them from Tibet only to abandon them before they crossed the final pass to freedom, memories of her escape are reignited and she is propelled on an obsessive search for reconciliation and closure.
The two stories moving in tandem, one inexorably forwards in the present, the other unexpectedly backwards in time, both determined by a series of fateful choices, reaches its conclusion as Dolkar and Gompo finally confront each other and the source of Dolkar’s long-buried anguish is revealed.  TICKET PURCHASE HERE
13th - 23rd August • Sydney & Melbourne • Performances & Trainings
These amazing events will sell out.
Already, we've over half sold out to each event, please don't leave it too late to purchase your ticket/s for this unique opportunity to sit before one of the world's best!  We recommend purchasing very soon!
Dr Estes has written a pertinent letter for our times and she has given kind permission for us to share it with you.  You can read the letter HERE.
17th-19th July • Progressive Workshop • Singapore
25th July • One Day Event • Melbourne
27th July-2nd August • Advanced Retreat • Sunshine Coast
Tickets for Dr Joe's Progressive Workshop AND the One Day Event are available now via the link below. Regards the 7 Day Advanced Retreat, tickets and accommodation information is scheduled to open at the end of MARCH. Sign up HERE for Dr Joe’s e-newsletter to make sure you get the notification when registration opens.
We hope to see you at Dr. Joe Dispenza's coming events in Singapore, Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast!  TICKET PURCHASE HERE
What is a synchronicity?
Dr. Joe Dispenza considers synchronicities as breadcrumbs from the universe. ⁣⁣
Dr. Joe is a researcher whose passion can be found at the intersection of the latest findings from the fields of neuroscience, and quantum physics to explore the science behind mystical experiences. Synchronicities happen to us when we have changed our energy and placed our attention on the possibility of new outcomes and a vision of the future.
These quantum events are a representation of a sustained change in energy. ⁣⁣When we see those opportunities appear in our lives, in the beginning, they seem as small coincidences. It is not until you experience your life creation and are overwhelmed with gratitude and bliss that you realize you are the creator of your destiny.⁣⁣
However, when the synchronicities disappear, it means that a person has disconnected from the energy of their future. They are feeling frustrated, impatience, anger, and they're back to the energy of their past - so their life will stay the same.⁣⁣
For the first time, Dr. Joe is sharing his advanced teachings from inside his Week Long Advanced Retreats.⁣⁣ Dr. Joe has shared a new teaching on the spiritual and scientific meaning of experiencing synchronicities. You can access the free teachings HERE.

PLUS  sign up for Dr. Joe Dispenza's Livestream on 30th March at 10am (CET Central European Time)  "Draw Your Future to You by Synchronising Your Energy With Frequencies in the Quantum Field."  For further details click HERE
The Reconnection®
The Catalyst - Live Immersion
11th-13th September • Melbourne​ Only

with Dr Eric Pearl & Jillian Fleer
Stay tuned for Ticket Sales - OPENING VERY SOON!
Please email for more information when ticket sales go live. 
Human By Design II: Masters Level - 4 Day Intensive Retreat

8th-11th October • Sunshine Coast, QLD
Human By Design: Awakening the Power of the New Human Story
15th October • Melbourne Evening
In addition to the evening program in Melbourne, Gregg is offering, for the first time in Australia, an interactive hands-on and intimate 4 day Masters Level Retreat at the Sunshine Coast.
Get in soon as tickets are selling fast. Gregg's events in Australia are completely unique and full of compelling and transformational wisdom. Everyone over the age of 18 is welcome to attend and there are no pre-requisites for the retreat.
2020 Year of Change
7th - 19th November • Bribie Island-Brisbane-Melbourne-Hobart
Tickets to all events are selling very fast - book early!
These seminars are filled with the latest information from Kryon about “The New Paradigms of Change” that are emerging on our planet. Lee’s insights will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about the past, present, and future! Yes, the world is changing…  TICKET PURCHASE HERE
18th - 27th November
​Tickets are selling very fast - book early! We've over half sold already - get in early as this wonderful adventure will sell out soon.
​Join KRYON and the team for this transcendent and magical experience in Tasmania, where you will travel around the island visiting key destinations.
• • • Other Events from Friends • • •
Bookings for the 2020 Australia Bush Flower Essence workshops are now open.
17-18th April • Brisbane
The Festival program includes a line-up of exceptional guests and presentations to inspire, inform and delight.
Highlights include a discussion with special guest His Eminence the 7th Kyabje Yongzin Ling Rinpoche on Living and Dying Well, Queer Stories from Tibet in Exile with renowned Tibetan filmmaker Tenzin Tseten Chokley, Prayer for Peace Concert – 'Brisbane Sings for Tibet' and much more.  TICKET PURCHASE HERE
We proudly acknowledge that we are on Traditional Gunaikurnai Nation lands.
We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia.
We recognize and respect the ongoing stories, culture, and connection to the People and Land. We pay our respect to Elders, past, present and emerging.
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