Episode 3, American in Montmartre: Quarantine Strikes, March 17th & 18th
Click on above for my video diary as a Baltimore gal living in Paris during the Quarantine for coronavirus day by day. First episode is here, and second episode is here. They are each bite sized three minutes.
Yesterday, "France's two-chamber parliament on Sunday declared a health emergency in the country to counter the spread of the coronavirus, giving the government greater powers to fight the pandemic," from France24. This is basically what happened after the Paris terrorist attacks of 2015 (just when I was moving to this country).
I found it interesting that in France, it's the right wing fighting against the bill because of fear of civil liberties being taken away. After 9/11 we gave up many civil liberties we never got back. I know it's scary out there, but we need to be ever more vigilant and aware about what we aren't hearing about on the news. That's all I'll say on this topic.
Productivity: Play the Long Game
Since France is about a week ahead of the UK and the US, I wanted to share the best advice I've seen online. It's this one below from a doctor whose research looks at the economic drivers of conflict in war zones across the modern Muslim world. It's geared towards academics but I've found it to be true in playing the long game in terms of productivity. 
Thread on Productivity in times of war
Thoughts on Creating
After reading the advice from the doctor above, I realized I needed to take a step back from creating. I was close to burnout.

I couldn't do it for the first few days in quarantine. And that's my JOB as an artist - to create. I also was watching what was happening inside of me - this incredible fear of mortality was taking over, and the need to be SEEN, to be HEARD, to be FAMOUS (as the shadow aspect of the two before it). It's human to want to be seen and heard, but I can tell when it's coming from fear when it manifests itself in the need for fame. That never feels good, and so I try to wait until I've spoken to it in my journal or hell, even out loud (because I have no one to judge me)! (Don't feel bad, I also have my mouse, Cory Tine. He's sweet, but he does poop everywhere.)
Artists are taking a hit - but we can support by acknowledging their power
I've watched as others have been creating extraordinary memes, art, videos, writing, poetry, etc. My friend Nick has created an online portal for your creations in quarantine here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/createdinquarantine
There's also this guy who is focusing on an online festival for artists whose work couldn't be shown because of the coronavirus: https://www.socialdistancingfestival.com/
And my friend Nia who has a hilarious vlog for "tips on quarantining" during the Paris lockdown: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcsCor-ikFyHtHwVhsih6Nw
Some of the celebs are showing their lack of self-awareness
I am watching as celebrities do horrendous compilations of John Lennon's Imagine with no sense of their entitlement destroying a beautiful song from their mansions (if you haven't seen it, just read this New York Times review, best bad review I've seen in a long time.) Or as Madonna loses her mind home alone singing about fried fish, or Ellen not so creatively just calls her celebrity friends and posts about it. 
The positive side of needing to be seen and heard is ART in general. And seriously, what would we do without art? True art is human creation at its finest - when we go deep and we share not from a place of fear but from love and calm centeredness. (Well, that's just me, I know there is that whole myth around the tortured artist, but that's never worked for me. I can't create when I'm in the depths of despair).
Since this coronavirus struck the world, it wasn't until this weekend that I was in a place where I could even think about creating anything. All I could think was "I'M GOING TO DIE ALONE AND NO ONE WILL CARE!" Brains are subtle, if not loud creatures.
But alas, I'm out of the fear for the most part, which is why I'm creating this newsletter from a healthier mindset. Thanks for seeing me and hearing me. I appreciate it, and please send me your creations. I would love to help promote in any way i can. 
P.S. Video above. I'm doing a series of episodes on Paris During Lockdown. An American in Quarantine in Paris. Feel free to share. WARNING: SOME NUDITY INVOLVED 
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