An innovative solution to tackle food waste through the collaborative power of ICT networks
Welcome to the SavingFood Newsletter V
A two years Digital Social Innovation project funded by the European Commission that offers a socially responsible solution to fight food waste. 

Our latest news:
- Reaching the Official Completion of the Project
- Continuation of the project after the official lifecycle completion! 
- Demonstration videos of the SavingFood Platform and an open call for replicators
- Participation in the DSI Fair In Rome in June
- Call to Support SavingFood - Sign the Pledge
- A Grand Disco Soup Event on the 28th of April in Brussels

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What's new?
SavingFood goes to Finals!
The SavingFood Project is close to the official completion!

During the life cycle of the project, our partners have saved hundreds of tonnes of food that would have otherwise been wasted, the SavingFood Platform was developed and launched, while essential knowledge and a set of tools to facilitate future organizations, future initiatives and future replicators was created.
But is this the end of it?
Well, that is just the beginning of our journey to save food. Our project is already expected to continue with organizations adopting the tools and methodologies developed via the Project.
Are you a representative of a food redistribution organization?
Then, go to our website and find out the three ways to save food.
Stay put, since a replication handbook is going to be soon available for you to use!
Until then, watch our two SavingFood demo videos on how to organize Farmer's market and Gleaning as well as General Food rescue events, via our easy and quick to use SavingFood platform!

For more information, visit our website from where you can navigate to the 4 instances of our platform.
If you are interested in replicating our solution and tool then just send us an email at
SavingFood goes to
DSI Fair in Rome in June 2018
On the 6th and 7th of June 2018, the Digital Social Innovation Fair 2018, organized by CAPSSI  and COST will take place in Rome, Italy. SavingFood will be there to present its innovative narrative and outputs of the project.
Digital technologies and the Internet are rapidly and radically changing the dynamics of both individual and collective human experience, underpinning innovation across private and public sectors, being core enablers for the transformation of the European society and services. 
SavingFood constitutes one of the most important initiatives working on this front to tackle food waste and change the existing narrative towards food. 
Stay tuned and find out more about our participation in the fair!
Will you be in Rome? Then, Join us!
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Call for Action: Let's reduce food waste, together!
📣 📢Shout-out to all the #food_waste_warriors! in
🍇Greece, Hungary, the UK and Belgium

Support us now – Sign our pledge!

SavingFood Project partners have already saved tons of surplus food and they are supporting thousands of people in need.

Sign our #pledge and help us to save even more!
Boroume in Greece supports the SavingFood Pledge, are YOU? 
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HFA in Hungary supports the SavingFood Pledge,
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FoodWin in Belgium supports the SavingFood pledge, are YOU?
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Our Disco Soup Event in Brussels - Let's Fill bellies instead of bins!
On the 28th of April, the SavingFood project will celebrate the completion of the official lifecycle of the project, the tons of saved food, the uncountable hours of building a well-sustained community and its innovative outputs to tackle food waste, by organising a World Disco Soup Day at La Serre in Brussels, Belgium.

The event is organized by SavingFood and our partners in Belgium FoodWin.

We see you all there!
Let’s fill bellies instead of bins!
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 688221
Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability & Social Innovation
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