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SavingFood is a two years CAPS project funded by H2020, that offers a socially responsible solution to fight food waste. In this newsletter you will find our news regarding the SavingFood Platform which is about to be launched,  information about our mission, our successful awareness raising events in Greece and Hungary and the reasons why SavingFood is Unique. You will also find useful information about our first scientific paper, as well as, information regarding our channels on Youtube and Instagram!
What's new?
The SavingFood Platform is about to be launched
Our partners in Greece, Hungary, the UK and Belgium have begun their gleaning and farmer’s market activities and the SavingFood Platform will soon
be open for volunteers, donors and recipient organisations by mid-January.
But what is the SavingFood Platform and what does it mean to be a volunteer, a donor or a recipient organization?

How could a platform tackle food waste and fight hunger?
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Our first Scientific Publication
“An Engagement-related Behaviour Change Approach for Saving Food in Greece”
The scientific paper: “An Engagement-related Behaviour Change Approach for Saving Food in Greece” of Carina Veeckman et al, was presented at the Workshop: Digital Technology to support Social Innovation of the 4th International Conference on Internet Science in Thessaloniki, Greece.
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SavingFood Awareness Raising Events
The First SavingFood awareness raising event in Greece
In a festive and convivial atmosphere, enthusiastic volunteers prepared, under the creative guidance of equally committed Chefs, 600 salads from vegetables that would have otherwise been wasted.
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Gleaning in Hungary on the World Day of Fruits and Vegetables
What happened on the World Day of Fruits and Vegetables in Hungary?
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Our 3 ways of SavingFood
Donate your surplus food
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Gather food from the fields
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Collect unsold food from the farmer's market
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 688221
Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability & Social Innovation
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