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We've Released the Minutes of
our CLCMembers Meeting
This is just a short bulletin to provide you with a copy of our CLCMembers Minutes from our 2011 Independent Owners Meeting.
Conference Part 2 which has CLC's Presentation and our minuted discussion.
Many new owners have been joining us and telling us that there is a plethora of Scammers calling many of you almost on a daily basis.
By making one of our Previous Conference Minutes avaialable, we hope this will give you assurance about CLCMembers.  I keep finding a few customers each week that have been caught by ITRA.  You've shared your experiences and they are not good. Thankfully many of you are getting Refunds back from ITRA after you've done your research and after your visit to their premises.  From your information we know that ITRA always takes money from you when you visit them and this is generally around £5000
Most, but not all, have paid with their Credit Cards and are getting refunds of that payment under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.
Based on Onwers Feedback and our Research, please steer clear of ITRA.
  • We've been helping owners of Club La Costa Products for almost 15 years.
  • We don't Cold Call
  • 36,000 Posts in thousands of topics in our Knowledbase Members Forums
  • We offer Free Advertising to sell or rent your CLC or any Product.
  • The owner of the site was a CLC Director for 5 Years and a Former Product Owner of 10 Years
  • We've run Annual Meetings with Club La Costa in attendance.
  • We've advocated for owners at the Spanish AGM's
  • Here's a Recent Verified Owners Meeting.
That is why we are not like other organisations purporting to help you with your CLC owned Product. Please be careful out there when those calls come in from unknown sources.
Robert Alexander
We heartily recommend Club La Costa Products to people it suits
Circumstances sometimes change for owners and it no longer becomes a viable option for holidays.  Many owners also are not always fully aware of how their product operates, pre and post Purchase period.  You are welcome to Register on our Forums and discuss more of how your product works and how to get the best from using it, by discussing it with other owners.  CLICK HERE, to register or login to the Forums.
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