SNAP PRESS CONFERENCE:  Saturday in Memphis
Credibly accused first Bishop of Memphis will be new bishop Talley’s first and biggest problem
Carroll T. Dozier’s name revered in Memphis- how to handle tarnished image?
Dioceses now routinely remove names/portraits, etc of pedophile clergy from public view
Prepare to remove these external images, names, etc. of Bishop Carroll T. Dozier
Support legislation in Tennessee to protect children from sexual predators
WHAT: Press conference about Bishop David Talley and his Dozier problem
WHEN: Saturday, March 9, 2019, at 11:00 a.m. CST
WHERE: On the sidewalk in front of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, 1695 Central Ave, Memphis, TN 38104  (see image below)
WHO:  David Brown, a victim of clergy sexual abuse and a leader of SNAP of Tennessee (survivors Network of those Abused by Priests), will outline Bishop Talley’s specific problems in regards to clergy sexual abuse and the Memphis Diocese, including the revelation of the first bishop of Memphis being on the pedophile list from the diocese of Richmond, VA. Other abuse victims and supporters may also attend with Mr. Brown.
 SNAP of Tennessee will comment on the following and pose these ideas for investigation:
1. The Diocese of Richmond knew since 1985 that Dozier was a pedophile. Why did they not tell Memphis, and if they did, why did the Diocese of Memphis not tell its people?
2. What does Dozier’s secret canonical file say? Are there were other victims who are in the secret canonical file? Who has the secret file of Dozier - the Diocese of Richmond or the Diocese of Memphis?
3. Which official in the church put Dozier's name forward to be a bishop in 1970? Did this official in the hierarchy of the church know that Dozier was an abuser? Are the secret canonical files routinely ignored when making decisions of the magnitude of appointing a person a bishop?
3. Bishop David Talley will take over the diocese of Memphis with a pall over it from revelations about Dozier. Are the people now believing that Dozier was a molester? In SNAP's experience in the diocese of Knoxville, Tennessee, the people will not believe it and will begin a narrative of "Bishop Dozier did so much good. He was a good man. He didn't really molest. This is a false claim and we must just forget it." That was the false narrative that arose in Knoxville about admitted pedophile bishop, Anthony J. O'Connell.
Bishop Joseph Kurtz, 2nd bishop of Knoxville and now Archbishop of Louisville, KY, deliberately furthered that falsehood so as to lull the people into thinking that O’Connell did nothing when in fact the question is, “Who did O’Connell abuse in Knoxville while he was bishop?” The question for Memphis will be, “Who did Dozier abuse in Memphis while he was bishop?” The lies are allowed to fester today by current bishop of Knoxville, Bishop Richard Stika. Stika used O’Connell’s name in his address at the dedication of the new Sacred Heart Cathedral March 2018 with no thought as to who he was hurting by failing to acknowledge O’Connell’s crimes. A very misleading obituary appears in the Purgatorial Society’s book of deceased priests in the back of Sacred Heart Cathedral. Saying "he resigned” and not saying why he resigned is typical of Knoxville and their re-branding of the diocese. Will Bishop Talley follow this same path of cover-up and denial?  Will he also allow the re-branding of Memphis so that Dozier's crimes are minimized 
3. Will Bishop Talley do what the second bishop of Knoxville did and fail to act. Will he leave names of Dozier on buildings and other parish rooms and places dedicated to Dozier? Kurtz left O'Connell's name on a Family Life Center at St. Mary's Oak Ridge for nearly a year after O'Connell resigned in a sex abuse scandal. Will Talley do the same? Bishop Kurtz did not order the removal of pictures of O'Connell from schools and churches hence silencing any victims who may have come forward. Will Talley do the same? Victims of the pedophile priests across Tennessee hope he has more leadership and will not show the impotence that Kurtz, his vicar Monsignor Xavier Mankel and his Chancellor Father James "Vann" Johnston showed in Knoxville. Hopefully Talley will show real leadership instead of the cover-up and deception that was done in the Diocese of Knoxville.
4. How did two dioceses which came from the Diocese of Nashville get assigned pedophiles for bishops? What are the odds of that? Maybe given the corruption of the Catholic Church, it is not so uncommon.
Tennessee needs a thorough investigation by a governmental third party to find out what other crimes are being covered up in the Catholic dioceses of Tennessee.
Tennessee lawmakers need to pass the legislation before the state legislature to protect children from sexual abuse
The press conference will be in one of the three red spaces noted above.  Our preference will be on the public sidewalk directly in front of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.  However, if events at the Cathedral dictate, we will have the presser on one of the corners across the street from the Cathedral.  We will not interrupt a funeral or a wedding or any other religious ceremony at the cathedral.
Contact information:
David Brown 901-569-4500  (Memphis)
Susan Vance 865-748-3518 (Knoxville)
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