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Verified Owners at Avoid the Scammers Event
Many of our Members who are Independently Registered with us at will know we held our first Legal Review event for owners who are looking to leave Club La Costa for personal reasons.
We're pleased to report the event was a resounding success with over 80% of those attending, informing us they will follow up their findings since attending our event.
Attendees were Verified Owners, part of our more secure network of owners, who wish to operate on a more confidential basis with us. Future events are only for Verified Owners.
We're happy to report the success of this event, meaning it is now likely that we will be running another event in January 2017.  Many of you could not attend this one, and FYI the next event will likely be in the Midlands. Details will follow shortly along with some additional news that has just come in, which will only be for Verified Owners at this stage.
Whilst we fully acknowledge many owners are happy with their Club La Costa Ownership, we believe all owners are entitled to hear all views particularly through our Forums.  This is a Searchable knowledgebase of 14+ years, funded by your donations of £5 annually and has had over 6000 Registrations during its existence. It's your dicussions and views that we've taken onboard and attempted to support each year.   Knowledge from this source does show sometimes owners have to make important decisions, particularly as many of you are seeing higher fees year on year, which we know many cannot afford.
Finally, if you want to read some of the comments from owners at this event, you can find it HERE.
Thanks to all of you supporting us at 
  • We don't Cold Call
  • We've supported owners and run Forums for 14+ Years
  • We offer Free Advertising to sell or rent your CLC Product
  • The owner of the site was a CLC Director and a Former Product Owner
  • We've run Annual Meetings with Club La Costa in attendance.
  • We've advocated for owners at the Spanish AGM's
That is why we are not like other organisations purporting to help you with your CLC owned Product. Please be careful out there when those calls come in from unknown sources.
Robert Alexander
We heartily recommend Club La Costa Products to people it suits
Circumstances sometimes change for owners and it no longer becomes a viable option for holidays.  Many owners also are not always fully aware of how their product operates, pre and post Purchase period.  You are welcome to Register on our Forums and discuss more of how your product works and how to get the best from using it, by discussing it with other owners.  CLICK HERE, to register or login to the Forums.
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